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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you Thank you and turn down the heat PLEASE

I feel quite chuffed this week

Lavender bestowed these awards upon me and I am flattered indeed because I have been a fan of The Birds and the Beads since my first days of dipping in the blog pond.

Now I have been a bit of a wuss at handing these out again because as previously mentioned, some one grrrr'd at me once as if I asked them to give me a kidney. Well, now I realize that the grrrring person was just rude and I should make a "rude blogger" award. You see, they were not quietly rude, they were rude on their post and I felt embarrassed and stupid.

So I am going to be brave and send out some awards. Think of them like a Thank you card. Read them and put them away or put them out on the shelf. It doesn't matter, I mean it is harmless flattery after all and some of us take praise quietly or if you are like me you wave it around and say "look at me, look at me".

I am rapt to be able to give this little Tree of Happiness for continuous eye candy and inspiration

to Lavender


August Street
The list was massive but I'm saving other Thank yous for later.
And what about the heat?

My dashboard vinyl lifted up and buckled in the sun which I am pretty cheesed off about.
I also had orders for eBay that I had to send but I have a child with no sweat glands that will have a stroke in this heat so I had no choice. I mean what can ya do right? I might get bad eBay feedback but that's life. Is every one else getting hot and cranky like me ? lol
It took me 2 days to do this post. Once upon a time I worked on cattle and wheat properties in this heat. Now I get cranky if its over 25ºC
I despise being stranded indoors. I am an outdoor animal so hopefully soon the weather will let me out. By then the family will be ready to boot me out:)
Cheers everyone and have a good one.
Stay cool!


Lavender January 30, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

Aw Melanie, Thank you! That is so groovy AND sweet of you, I will wear it with pride!
I know what you mean about the oppressive heat, and its worse where you are - which is just crazy! Love your melted ice cream truck that sums it all up!
Im also sorry to hear that someone was so incredibly rude to you, Im glad you arent going to let them spoil your fun any longer - they can just go sit on it and rotate!!! Mwah!

Ribbon January 31, 2009 at 1:17 AM  

Nice to read that you're surviving the current heat wave.
From what I've read in the news it sounds like people are losing the plot in the heat.
Keep cool & don't ditch yr kids off the bridge. That was truely sad news.
Best wishes :-)

Anonymous,  January 31, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

Sorry about the person who earned your "rude" award. Bet their mum taught 'em better manners than that. Some people are just not nice.

Lavender January 31, 2009 at 10:06 PM  

Ah - off topic but a reply - if you meant depression glass, I know exactly what you mean - my previous collecton was primarily depression glass, USA stuff, here theres makers Ive never heard of, Ive tried to re-learn but in the end decided a new collection entirely would be better suited to my decreasing brain space for memory LOL

Also unrelated, and dangerous! I found a place that you might find useful. They have website and will post your orders....we are going to be so broke: USA FOODS link here
THEY HAVE GRAHAM CRACKERS!!!! I cant afford them, but they have them ROFL

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