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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Its Christmas! No really it is!! Ok so I dont reckon there's a person on the planet that doesnt know that eh? I will be doing what everyone does at Christmas. Eating way too much. Drinking far too much Baileys(very fattening) and wrapping presents from now til christmas eve. This is the bit I love. The presents!! I can skip the whole christmas day family stuff but I wouldnt miss the unwrapping in the morning for anything. I am 10 again.
My dear M is off work for nearly 3 weeks so thats where I will be. Hangin out with him of course. And the kids( cant wait til they play the wii omg im busting to have a go) I got heaps of fun board games too that I will be kickin their butts in. And Baileys ,,,,, lotsa Baileys. I only drink once a year so I'll have meself a jolly time "hic"
Anyhow. Enough blogging about nothing. I have a deadline that I set earlier this year fpr 2008 and I will be working on that. Much more crafting. Much more art(trying to be artistic) and of course more blogging to track it all.
The rain that we had recently came down in an unexpected direction than normal and managed to drench everything in my carport. Including an orbital sander, a mouse sander and a drop saw. I am hoping I can save them. These things were high off the ground so I was unprepared for what I found. Everything high and low drenched ever 5 meters into the carport and 4 foot off the ground. Must have been one heck of a wind. Loads of wood. Racks of old HK holden parts ready for ebay. Reclaimed redgum panelling. All soggy and no sign of sunshine to dry them out. Regardless, I still love Melbourne weather:)
So I have a fantastically busy year next year and it looks like this year is all wound up.
I'll see my blog self in the New year and for anyone who may be lurking, be safe, be merry and bloggy best wishes to the lot of ya!!

Blog ya later! Moi!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Today I will.....

Be grateful for all of my blessings
from 100 ways to make yourself calm and creative.

Even before I read this page I was already on that path. Today the bases will finally be cured and I will finish the gifts for my friends at the craft shoppe. Each one a blessing and very very dear to me. They never read this so I can get away with some mushiness. They know, even though Im not one to express myself well in real life, that this is how I regard them. And thats why I love them all to pieces. They accept me for who and how I am and thats a blessing in itself.
Enough wishy washy sentiment(rolling eyes at myself) I have some presents to finish.

And its the last day of school!!! Kids at home for 6 weeks. WOOT!!! 6 weeks of staying up in my shed till the AM and not having to get out of bed to make lunches. Hey, thats another blessing right?!


A pasta machine for me?? Thanks Santa!!

I had to get it. I was going to wrap it to put under the tree to justify buying it.(dont mums always need to justify buying stuff for themselves) I opened it early because I need it to make presents in a hurry. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

I can garuntee that no pasta will be made with this machine. I got it to use for my polymer clay.
And of course, because it's red, it will go faster!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

And todays weather will be...

Raining cats and dogs

frequent flooding
with consistent thunderstorms and lightening through out the day
Fountain Gate blacked out and flood warnings were issued from INSIDE the complex. The football oval was under water and my melways got wet as we had to drive through water and it came in the door.

Our creek bed is actually a dry creekbed, but not today...

As usual though, we had to go out and splash in it, because thats what aussies do when it rains.
I love Melbourne


Today I will....

uplift the atmosphere

100 ways to make your life calm and creative Carmen Warrington


All I want for Christmas is an upgrade! Warning*Copius amounts of raving about computer related stuff*

I am getting the blue screen of death half a dozen times a day at least and I dont think I can bandaid my comp anymore. Of course the hot weather is what is making it worse. My Dear M modified a fan the size of a small dog to fix the problem a few months ago because it appears now that a 2 year old board is so old they dont even bother making parts for it....I really would have prefered a screen printing kit. Looks like I ll be getting an upgrade or even a complete rebuild. I do love the smell of new hardware though. I dont build my own comps anymore because I found M but I do remember my first build and how exhilerated I was when I lay all the parts on the table and could smell it. Its very similar to how excited people are when they smell the new car smell. both are probably toxic I know but the excitement overrides the fear of being poisoned by noxious gasses. And then theres nothing more exciting than getting a new hardrive to fill up. I number my comps starting from when I met my husband and this one is number 6.. thats 6 comps in 8 years. Well I cant help it, if the technology is there I must have it muwahahaha. He is worse!! M is obsessed with cooling systems and some resemble what I have on my car. Its all in pursuit of having the fastest comp to play the latest games. Yes we are generation x gamers. Ther are millions of us. We started off with dungeons and dragons or ataris and never looked back. I was an arcade game kid. I would spend most of weekly student allowance playing a game called pooyan or pootan on hot Mildura nights whilst eating giant rat lollies. Some grew up, some just were not good enough (snicker) but the rest of us pushed the demand for bigger faster better computers and games which todays kids now claim is their domain but we know better. We have been doing this for nearly 30 years. We speak a different language, we dance to a different drum and we associate mainly with like minded folk in our free time. We are all normal tax paying people, with kids, mortgages and dogs but in discussions with our kind of people you wont only find us reflecting on different countries we have travelled to, we will often mention place names of valleys or towns where events have occured in our lives and only those that subscribe to that particular game with know the location. Many a nights when my Dear M was overseas and I was stuck here we would sit together watching the sunrise in various places in Norrath. Sth Karana was my most memorable sunrise because I told him that we have sunrises like that in Australia and they are real. He will tell you today that I wasnt lying. Our sunrises are the same. Our actual guild is made up totally of people we know in real life that we work with, family or people we have known since we used to sneak beer into the dorms. We see game speak filter into normal netspeak and then we see it filter into the real world and every now and then we will chuckle because we know by the sticker or number plate on that old dudes car that he plays such and such game. If anyone out there understands BUR, then you too are a gamer and not only will you recognize that word but you will automatically want to do a /rude to the person saying it (thats putting it mildly) Or ...you are one of them (insert evil glare here)
Anyhow, enough about my world. Back to reality. I am volunteering in the craft shoppe today so I must put my real life uplifting face on because the Today I will Book said so.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Buckeyes be done!

They didnt turn out as they usually do because it was SO HOT and I forgot the tooth picks so I thought I would try a vintage ice bucket prong and that was a disaster. Never the less, they taste the same. These are off to Dear M's work tomorrow. The ladies there wont know the difference.

Plenty of rejects left and plenty of kids to finish them off. Jazzy and her friend helped me make them. I have found a way to mesmerize 2 teenage girls. Hand them a noisey blender with a extra noisey pulse button and a semi broken lid that bikky dust flies out of and theyre amused for the duration.


Off to the shed to make more trolley inserts. As I approach I am reminded of The day of the Triffods. (wow, im that old I can remember reading the book and seeing the movie)
I have to duck to get into my shed.

From the inside I looked trapped

From above I am totally surrounded

And all of this is happening under the watchful eye of this never daring to move onlooker. He is only a baby. You should see his mum and dad. One of them is the size of my hand. If one of these buggah's drops on my head (as huntmans do) I am going to *&^% bricks.

My shed is feral but I love it. Cept when something crawls on me..... I got the heebee geebies thinking about it.
Catch ya tomorrow.


OOOPS I did it again

I went to the store to buy buckeye ingredients and came home with a second hand dresser that I am going to refashion into an entertainment unit that can hold the new wii and the xbox and the game cube and the dvd......... and hopefully one day when I am rich the new massive LCD flat screen tv. Buckeye ingredients will have to be done tomorrow. Im beat from lugging around furniture. Now I really get to whip out my power tools YAY
Im going to take the walnut stain right off. The handles stay as they are good solid ones that will withstand 4 brutal draw users/abusers. The draws are also constructed well enough to withstand my kids. I also made sure it was all solid well enough to withstand being refashioned even if it wont be too drastic of a change.

middle draws will be removed completely leaving 3 draws either side .I will then use the middle to put in 2 shelves and make the holes to put the wiring through in the back.
It has a solid top, not a crappy cheap one and thats why I loved it. I am thinking shiney shiney top.

I have so little property to store anything on my property that I had to squeeze in to take this pic. I am a truly chaotic tinkerer and lovin it!!

The mirror needs to find a place to be stored. It is massive and will need to be reworked before it suits my house.
I am really looking forward to this and feel all warm and fuzzy that I am refashioning something rather than buying something new. My greeny bone tingles with joy.

Now to find a home for my treadmill and the old, way to small and too tall, TV unit that we live in fear of toppling over.

Most would say I need a bigger house. I say I need more sheds. Houses are work, sheds are fun and a bigger house means more work. Makes sense to me.

Must go get buckeye ingredients. my daughter is going to get her friend to do them too so it will be like a bonding thing and she has told me to get off my butt and get the ingredients... geeze she is bossy. Foine, Im goin ok!

Blog ya later!



I can put this down as an act of love too. I make 200 of these for my Dear M who is originally from Ohio every Christmas. I also do it to keep traditions going for my son that are pertaining to where his Dad hails from and, of course, his uncles and Grandparents etc. Turns out a family of Ohians live in our estate and my 11yr old has befriended them. It wasnt only their accent that gave away their origin, it was their manners. Every one I met in Ohio had impeccable manners. I still dont have to pull out my own chair, take off my own coat or open my own door 8 years later. I will make some for these kids so their mom can test them and tell me if my husband is telling the truth and they are good, or are they rubbish and he is just being polite... gotta watch those manners.
So today I make 200 Buckeyes. Because they are normally made in a cooler climate they tend to melt here at Christmas which means I have to get them made and boxed and sent to everyone quick as freezer storage is at a minimum. Off I go to get 4 jars of peanut butter. This is going to be fun!


Today I will....

I reckon the biggest act of love from myself to some one else at the moment is COMPLETING a blanket for a certain person for Christmas. The blanket took 10 years. No, it wasnt a hard one.. It was very plain but so many things happened from start to finish with it, the blanket has such a story of its own.It saw me in 2 different countries, and started with me in one family then ended with me in a new one. Now it will make new stories with its new owner.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today I will...

100 ways to make your life calm and creative by Carmen Warrington

If you enlarge this pic you can read the full page. This is one of my favourites and I practice it whenever I can.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Bunting Baybee Oh Yeah!!


And now a Bunting we shall make!
First raid the scrap bins at the local curtain shop
8 samples for 2 bucks. Bargain!
Add a bit of spotlight stuff.
Raid all the cupboards

Now this is where it got technical.
I had to search high and low for a bunting template
(some times referred to by smarter people than meself as a triangle)

Roll Roll Roll.
previously referred to as snip snip snip but my 1960s scissors that my mum gave me dont do much snipping now that I have a roller cutter thingy.

Sew sew sew

MMM hessian. I managed to incorporate it in here somehow.

Tonnes of binding.

and then we have 5 metres of bunting and somewhere to hang the cards

Im getting into this Christmassy thing now! Yay me.
Still only 2 christmas presents under the tree and they are for me:)
The kids are getting annoyed but I am not silly. I have lay byed everything huge and wont pick it up until christmas eve. They are very sneaky you see. I am so excited about one present I got them. I dibs first go when they have finished with it. I would write it here but what if my daughter read it? Wii couldnt have that now could Wii?
Blog ya later


Todays goals

Todays goals
20 minute walk. I just will not do the 30 minutes every book tells me to, I hate being told what to do plus I get bored. If I am expected to walk 30 minutes then people should put more interesting stuff in their gardens for me to look at. Maybe some cool pink flamingos? I mean come on guys, they had way cooler stuff in their front yard in the states!!! Just about every house I saw had a flag and they had really cool wreaths hanging off of everything like doors and gates. All of which were decorated depending on the season. I dont know why though, but the whole month I was there I only saw 2 people out walking and I walked everyday waiting for . I wish we had squirrels. I dont know if this counts but when I walk the our local shops I talk to the rats that hang out in the path behind. I have a soft spot for rats. They are only cleaning up the fish and chip shops garbage. Not squirels though I guess. No one goes awww look at that cute rat. DONE

BUNTING omg isnt that done yet? Halfway there, its so cute!!!

Xmas cards for Connor DONE

Withraw the Christmas club money before it gets too late (wouldnt there be 4 unhappy kids if I forgot that)Shhhhh dont tell them I have sneaky savings accounts.DONE & DONE

Lunch @ my club(take xmas cards) DONE and I got a present from the place I have been helping out at woohoo!!! I put it under the tree of course to make me feel special:)
another coat to cupcakes DONE

what are we going to have for dinner???? Turkey & salad again

Write out Christmas cards to send tomorrow

Find soldering iron, I feel like tinkerin with wood and charms - no time, still working on bunting and already thinking of my next bunting project.. OOOOOH EASTER!!!!

Blog ya later!


Today I will....

create a map of my journey through life..
100 ways to make your life calm and creative by Carmen Harrington

Um ok this sounds like scrap booking. I love looking at scrapbookers stuff but I loathe doing it. Or maybe I just dont want to look at my life journey a few days before my most hated time of the year!!! OOps sorry, thats a breach of my vow to be merry this christmas, I shouldnt have said that.Who knows, maybe I will do it.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Bank transfer descriptions Warning* bad abbreviated language*

I wonder who does this? Am I the only one that is so maladjusted or angry at the fact that all of our income goes to bills?
I do everything via internet , specially banking and everytime I get payments for this or that come in I transfer them to the main account. It asks for a description for your personal reference. Well last year I started writing exactly what the transfer was for and it started like this. If you talk fluent net speak you will understand, if not, perhaps its best you dont. I just hope the bank cant, but then, its none of their grubby business. They work for me!!(yeah right, I work to make them rich) Anyhow, descriptions are as follow, starting with :






fkn bills



and today it was FINALLY


I just refuse to spend this transfer on bills and all 4 kids are going to nannies so I wont be nagged for money for this money for that ...yes, I count kids as bills too....especially teenagers.



As soon as I went to work in my shed my head ache returned. within half and hour I was back to being miserable. So I put 2 and 2 together and realized it's something in my house and shed because yesterday I was out all day ...no headache.
Guess what it was??
Those cheap $2 Christmas scents. I got one pine for the tree and one candy for my cupcakes and shed. They come in a clear bottle and you have bamboo sticks coming out the top.
I threw them out immediately, turned air con on in the house and opened all doors and windows in shed. within the magic half an hour HEADACHE GONE.
4 days I suffered a headache. I put the bloody pine one in my bedroom on Monday............This was a headache that panadol and nurofen couldnt get rid of. I yelled at my kids ( they probably deserved it) I grumped at everything(everything was probably annoying anyhow). I even felt this headache in my sleep and woke with it. 2 days this week 2 of my sons complained of bad headaches........ I thought we had some weird headache virus.
oh and that stuff is definately NOT going in the cupcake pincushions.


Fabulous Friday!!

To do list:
Get kids good clothes ready for their trip to Nannies house.
Work on cupcakes for ebay, etsy, craft shoppe and gifts.
Cook yummy chicken for dinner.Get it out of freezer first. Dont let cats get it!!
I will do all of these tasks in a peaceful manner and will return later to blissfully blog you in a peaceful and serene fashion. Peace!


Today I will.....

keep reminding myself that I am a peaceful soul.
a page from Carmen Warringtons book "100 ways to make your life calm and creative"


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Fambly

Some of my day
I finished a trolley insert. It was an order and the lady picked it up from the craft shoppe. Yay for me.

I flicked through my library books

I talked to my friends and my friends replied
"Rawr rawr rawr wait wait I cant find my squeaky toy" "Did you take my squeaky toy" "rawr rawr give me back my squeaky toy"
"Sweet I found my Squeaky toy'
(muffled rawr rawr "found it")
"OK coming!!"

"rawr , I so Happy. I love you squeaky toy"

"hehehehehe what a baby, you wouldnt catch me with a squeaky toy, I prefer to eat everybodies socks and surprise them when they find their missing sock in my *&&^%, gosh I'm funny"

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow gasp meow meow (insert 2 legged pets muttering strange words loudly that would translate to "geeze , stop meowing")

"Dont touch me, you repulse me."

"I find you all totally boring, I'm going to sit on the neighbors car *yawn*"

and last but not least!
"What, with all the cats and dogs in this family and that 6 year old kid, Im lucky to be alive!!!"

Such a yappy bunch, all with their own personalities. I wouldnt be without them.

So then I go off to nag the son who mooches round all day playing world of warcraft if I let him(which I dont)

I am greeted with:

"geeze mum, like cant I do the dishes after I do an instance like with my friends in WoW , Im like this close I-----I to downing the boss mob, like omg mum it drops some really good crit gear..."

Then I find these were taken while I was shopping the other day. my whole camera was full of this sort of mischief.

note to self - stop leaving camera at home.

Child number 3 is out and about socializing so for now there is no bickering over who gets to play single player xbox games or the game cube

I pat myself on the back for starting to put the decorations up *pat pat*
Theres something missing here so I will rectify that tomorrow

No I dont have a fireplace, I live in a bloomin desert, why would I want a bloomin fireplace?

Hail to the bangy clangy door decoration.
Crikey it gets annoying!

Now to my shed, where I work, in the sweltering heat.
Oooh look, that looks like the begining of some Bunting YAY *golf claps for me*

and this is work that SHOULD have been finished a week ago but isnt...
Today I got a christmas present from Joyce, the lady I take every Thursday to the share and care club. I put it under the tree for me to open christmas day.
And now I am off to bed
Blog ya later!


Today I will

flavour my conversation with vibrant words and expressions.

Mum bought me this for my birthday a few years ago and the idea is to start from page one and apply that message to that day. So i will start this on my blog from now on.
Oh and if you can ever find this womans meditation CD grab it because she has the most soothing voice I have ever heard.
I will expressively and creatively blogulate you later!


Back on track!

Today I plan to -
Start an inspirational thought a day DONE
Go to craft shoppe -
Stop at $2 shop on way home for bundles of cards for the kids to give to friends.
Start cupcakes again DONE
and start my BUNTING omg I love BUNTING!!!!
*praying to the headache god to please leave me be and go give my headache to the nasty P plater who threatened me because I scowled at him for dumping his rubbish in the library carpark* How cowardous are some people? I just gave him a look and he made the "cut throat " gesture indicating I shouldnt dob on him or else. I took a photo of him as soon as he did it to show I had no fear of his threat but phone cameras are not very reliable. So I hope that cowardous, rude little *&^) who likes to threaten ladies in their 40's gets a migraine....and may a huge dump truck bestow its contents apon his driveway on Christmas day. Rar!



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A bow for keeping my Vow

I completed the task and a brand new trolley insert is made ready for pick up tomorrow.
I made another one for the shop too.
I did all this with a 3 day old head ache and nausea( yes thats why I am so grumpy I am sure) I have been plagued by headaches for years for various reasons such as back strain, food intolerance and who knows what else.
This getting old business has whiskers on it.
Pics tomorrow. This screen is far too glarey tonight.
Blog ya later


How is the Vow going Now

Tough day today. Changing ones thought process is as wearing and perplexing as changing a car tyre.(for me anyhow)
Had a 53 minute conversation with my mother. She told me all the fantastic things about myself(mothers lie I know but they are our foundation and I chose to believe her today) On ya mum!
Order item is cut out. Have mp3 set to happy upbeat techno. not going to childs xmas thing. He will get over it, if not, the yellow pages has pages of therapists. Handing me a notice on the day something is happening when I ask for notices EVERY NIGHT is just not on. I need this day(yes I have some guilt but I really NEED this day)
I am now having a falafel souvlaki. yum with alfalfa sprouts omg yummo. Burnt the first lot of falafels, It said 1 point 5 minutes Mel NOT 15 minutes.........

Orright! Ill be back!(said in an Arnie type accent only a little girly)


A Christmas Vow *Warning* This Blog contains no Joy

Due to the fact that I hate Christmas I have lost all creative ability and thought to myself "self, hmmmmm, bit of a problem here"
I hate Christmas for so many reasons but my family are not with me on this so I am kinda spoiling it for them. I doubt that I have enough time to book in a therapist to work out my deep hatred for this time of year so I will have to take some positive action and break away from the December blues. The sad thing is that it isnt just me and once you get a flock of Christmas haters together the whole December Blues turns into an End of Year Disorder and there are so many people that subscribe to this way of thinking with so many gripes and griefs and misgivings that it all spirals into a month long of bleakness.
So enough Gripes
Enuff Grief
and no more misgivings.

I vow and declare that I will make every effort to complete all tasks required of me this month and I will Harden the *&^% up (as Chopper Reed would say) and stop wallowing.
Today I finish an order I should have done 2 weeks ago!!!
Oh, and I JUST received a notice from my son saying he has a xmas concert today at 12:00pm. Argh I HATE Christmas Carols. I dont even relate to them, it doesnt snow here, Im not religious and I am not joyous.....................ok ok my positive attitude starts... ummm..................OK im working up to it, it starts...........................sigh.............almost there......it starts ..........erk this is gonna be so outside my comfort zone.... ...........IT BLOOMIN' WELL STARTS NOW!!!!!


Watch this!

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