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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trash Talk Tuesday

Photos are deliberately blurry to protect the previous owners of this trash' privacy

Most bikes end up in our creek.

Twice a year Melbournites get to throw large amounts of rubbish onto the nature strip. In our area some of it end in the local creek because of kids but mainly it is picked up by the council, compacted and put in landfill. No, it doesn't get recycled. It gets compacted right in front of your house in a great big smelly garbage truck.
Things for us all, including me to consider
Can it be fixed?
Does someone need it now that you don't?
Can it be refashioned?
Is it even worn out?
Should you even buy it in the first place?
(hint hint, yet another hardly used treadmill out for trash, and yes, its working, I know the owner:) She is a good hard working mum with kids so don't think for a minute I'm trashing her. She is good folk but is she any different to many of us?)
So many do it.
That's how we are now.
Everything is disposable
And that makes me sad.
I have my eye on that roller desk and a Triton bench. stay tuned. If I get arrested do you think they will let me blog in jail?
I also have my eye on a fake brass bed and I'm thinking wind chimes. Break out the angle grinder baby. Feel free to suggest what can be done to reduce this kind of waste. Maybe if the council stopped hard rubbish. Maybe if we stopped making it? Not sure we are close to a solution yet but surely it is time for us to think on it:)


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