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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My first tag for the year.

Ooty has tagged me to do 7 random things about myself.

1. My favourite smell is vanilla
2. I have 8 pairs of shoes and 6 of them are thongs(flip flops)
3. I want to learn Mandarin
4. I wrote a letter to the Queen. I was only 5. She wrote one back(well her lady in waiting did.) I still have it.
5. I was on Bozo the clown in the audience
6. I had a friend who was in the Vegemite ad.
7. I got to name nameless roads on the map in a region when I surveyed roads. I also got to help to delete roads that had become unused. I still have the original maps of the region we surveyed. That was 23 years ago

I'm quite boring really. I am supposed to forward this to 7 people but I am not the confident type to do that so I will pretend I have and not tell anyone and no one will be the wiser. Oh I said that out loud didn't I? :)


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