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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not just another cat picture


No I am not Sorry, he is. That's his name. So why do I have a picture of a cat called Sorry on my arty crafty blog. Well I have fallen in love with photography and think it is time I make a new blog to cover my new hobby so that it doesn't clutter this blog.

Today I start back at work. 2 months I have to make X amount each week or I have to get a job.

What is it that I do anyhow? I'm a reseller. There is not one specific thing that I hunt down to offer up for sale. It depends on market and availability. Bah, boring stuff. My home wares line which I am forever in the process of completing was a dream that needs to be put on hold. That's business though isn't it? So off I go. Wondering how the hell I will meet this weeks target.

Anyhow I do hope you will enjoy my photo blog. Please remember though. I am learning. I want to journal my progress.

OK enough chit chat. I have to get to work



Ravenhill January 13, 2009 at 4:33 PM  

Beautiful cat and an unusual name - love it! Your photography looks so promising and exciting! How fun it will be to follow!
Happy crafting new year to you!

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