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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fantastic Plastic

Oh I know, the title is a complete contradiction to all nunde beliefs but I am still being as nunde as possible(nunde does = natural after all).

You see my friend is clearing out her clutter and she even preceded her question with an "I know you don't like plastic but..." and then she offered me her old Tupperware. Um Yah !!! Ill take preloved Tupperware any day. This stuff is pure vintage gold and is perfect for mobile storage. I will still never ever ever buy plastic containers, EVER but I will gladly take your old Tupperware and I can put it in my "reclaimed, re-used, recycled etc" category to ease my nunde mind.
So while we are on this topic maybe I can prod you to ponder. Do you buy plastic? Bottles, cutlery, plates, storage containers....the list goes on? Do your really need to? Next time you go to buy anything that is plastic ponder the less toxic alternatives that have been around for longer. Or ...raid your friends Tupperware:)
 Have a great Monday girls.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

This is all I have in my creative space.
I wanted to learn to crochet forever. I looked on with envy as others compared and shared their skills and felt that somehow the skill of crocheting was missing from my crafting resume.
Well, after many attempts, followed by epic fails, I have mastered the granny square and I am making one giant one for my son for Christmas. Full of mistakes it is. Wonky on all sides and not at all what I envisioned. But I will finish it and Oh how he better love it because I have discovered something.

I hate Crocheting. 
Hats off to those who love it. I am happy as ever to continue on my old way and buy crochet items from you so its a win for all of us:)
This post is one of many involved in Thursday's "My Creative Space"


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday with the girls

I finally ventured out of my hole again, which has been quite rare this year, to see the girls at The Homestead and it was well worth the effort I made to brush my hair.

Had an awesome time as usual and now I am about to make Pea and Ham Soup while I listen to my new CD that came in the mail yesterday. I love Amazon and I love Baino for linking the clip on her blog which enticed me to listen to it, then search it, then buy it with monies I havent made yet....On ya mate!
Working for a nuclear free city.
Hopefully some new tunes with inspire me to get my mojo back.
Have a good one!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


One of my favorite things and something to be treasured in this big rainless country.

Not sure this mushroom thinks so....

Im off to PiPs in Berwick. Have a great day!


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