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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Strutting around Melbourne Camera Bag

Is finally finished
Because I am sometimes a little quirky and often resistant to compliance, I just couldn't bring myself to pay a fortune for a camera bag for my new DSLR.(I'm a tight arse) It became an ongoing saga to find or make the perfect bag and thanks to Boxing day sales I managed to secure myself something close to what my perfect bag is. You see, this was my dream camera bag
Yummiest bag ever

and for $239.00 USD it was out of my price range.
Plus it was leather and I don't want leather. It is the kind of bag, for me anyhow, that is liken to the range rover you see mums dropping the kids off to school in. It all looks good and screams "I have money" but you wouldn't want to get it dirty and use it for its intended purpose. My bags get treated like workhorses just like my Range Rover would be if I had one, which I don't because I'm a tight arse(too poor). With that in mind I purchased this my black one for $34.00.

When I excitedly showed it off to my husband his first words were " Good grief, its a bit gaudy isn't it?" and yes he is right but there were no non shiny ones in that style left. My answer to him was *rolls eyes* "It's the fashion now dear and who cares, it was only 34 bucks"

This will now be my "Choofing around Melbourne with my trendy Melbourne city Ambassador mum" bag.

So I began the padding and I just so happened to have some computer packaging foam and lots of it thanks to a geeky husband who built everyone except the cats a computer last year..Do you have any idea how many computers that is...... Needless to say, the amount of packaging that I had to work with was enormous. Oh and also with that in mind, that's why I will NEVER be able to afford a Jill e bag or a Range Rover..bloody computers.
This will not be my last camera bag. I want one for hiking also just in case I accidentally swallow a pill that will make me want to hike.

That one I am making from scratch out of completely pre used stuff. I have included glue and such in the cost and I reckon $40.00 for a bag that does not look like a camera bag is fantastic.

The bag weighs 3 kilograms when full and fits everything in the above photo. Now I wont embarrass my mum when she shows me the tours she does for work and I act like a tourist with my touristy backpacks and such while she is dressed up all posh like. Oh and I have camera and zips positioned so it takes less than 5 seconds to get out should I catch you doing something.....lol


Levin (and Emily) January 11, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

you've gotta love the perfect find. i must say, it's a glamorous camera bag - quite befitting the melbournite!

Lavender January 13, 2009 at 7:09 AM  

Wow! I hadnt thought of retro fitting an existing purse - great idea! Thats great that you got a one you really love to work with, it makes a much nicer project that way! Happy Day!

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