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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 Posts to go

Nearly 200 posts!!. I am going to do a give away. Something small and cute and affordable to post. Last time I sent a freebie it cost me $9.60 postage and the ungrateful so and so didn't even say thank you or reply to any of my "did it arrive safely" emails. Even an honest "oh I got it thanks, but its crap sorry, but thanks anyhow" would have shown more manners.

I wonder if any of you have experiences blog rudeness like that?

So I will shrug off my bad give away experience and give it another shot.

ROIGHT (as the original and only Kath and Kim would say it) I actually did some work today. Bag work I mean, which is what I am, a bag maker. I love a good standy uppy tote bag. Now to make the other 199 of them. Is that a tune I hear " 199 standy uppy bags on the ......." OK I worked in the garden most of the day and I am clearly sun struck.

Bougainvillea and Roses on a windy afternoon.

Oh and a Big HELLO to Elsie. Thanks for stopping by and for all of the encouragement!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have been tagged!!! Im it?

Lavender from The Birds and the Beads tagged me for a meme and I will do anything to get out of debating the length of the handles on the 3000 totes I am about to make so what the heck eh?
OK so I reckon I know how these go now since I have been blogging for over a year now ( oh yeah I'm pro now matey)

7 Facts about me
I believe that hiding lentils in children's food is a form of child abuse
I am aiming to be as round as I am short and I am slowly succeeding.
I think I have super powers when I wear my glasses
Old men walking old dogs make me teary.
I learned what the word hubris meant today
I cannot say Ohio
When I talk in my head, which is alot, it is always in the accent of the last person I spoke to.

I am unable to tag at this time because the people that I would feel comfortable tagging have already been tagged by me in the past and I don't want to overstep my blogging welcome. I will of course greedily await other people tagging people and read their memes with great enjoyment.

Cheers all!


Monday, October 27, 2008


I almost finished a bag I was designing
I almost posted something I have been doodling quite a bit lately
I almost finished some folded swing tags for my cupcake candles
But I stuffed up the bag I was designing
and I couldn't make my doodle have a white background so it looks crappy
and I got a bit sick of fiddling with settings to make my tags work.
So I am having a little bit of a break to avoid feeling deflated.
Tomorrow I will realized that I have actually almost finished so much today which is way way better than saying I haven't started anything at all.


1 and a half hours later

OK so its a miracle.
Thanks to advice from Fly Lady
And revising time management advice from the business courses I have done plus some motivation from Motivation 123
I now seem to have learned skills from all of the above to manage my time and chores better and that's why now it takes 1 and a half hours a week instead of a whole week to clean. I mean like CLEAN clean.
I don't know how other establish self employed people do it but I couldn't have worked it out on my own, I'm far too "Oooooohhhhhh Colours"
I wonder how you girls manage kids, business, work and all the cleaning and cooking? oh and gardening, finances, home handy man stuff......the list goes on.


nunde Monday

The urge to sew today is so great it is almost like an obsessive compulsion yet today is my designated domestic cleaning day. So what does the self employed do? Veer from the time management sheet so well thought out or stick to it, knowing that any deviation will cause chaos to my weekly roster. Oh the dilemma.
I know what to do...
Clean really super fast
then say to my self
"self we have time left over and our jobs are done so we are free to sew"
yes, that will work.
Now to find my techno housework CD for some really fast cleaning motivation.
yeehaaaw off I go !


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sewing Rooms

Sewing.Org has a page full of awesome sewing rooms to drool over or get ideas from. Some of these are so well set up. Take a look.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Fantastic Friday Sewing, sealing and being spoilt.

Sewing First. Jazzy Joy is modelling her latest textiles project that she has completed successfully. With her sewing skills I shall have her working on my bags in no time. Her over locking skills are better than mine and her zip skills look pro now. Hope she keeps this up.

I signed up for another cool looking sewing email list Sew and Tell at Sewing.com
I got creative with black and pink cupcakes and think they came out a treat (fake not real)

And almost finished a few of my birthday novelty range ones for the Gift Shop. I want to list them online but will tinker with the packaging.. Totally fat free.

How cool is this? I get one tooth pulled out and my mum comes around with a care package with curry for me and chicken burgers for all the non curry lovin heathens. Buns to have them on and cookies for play lunches and treats and lots of fruit and veg. Imagine what I will get when I have 5 out at once YAY maybe a new car mum? Oh what about a spa, yeah, I'd love a spa...

or a boat, oh yeah a cool Haynes Hunter, or maybe a puppy, can I have a puppy mum? ........



Thursday, October 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is me two front teeth!!

codiene took away my capacity to create so with yesterday over and my mouth on the mend I will go see the girls at the community centre. I discovered that without front teeth you can actually say sausages. You just sound a bit snakey with all the extra sssssss-ing. Its the blasted F's you cant say and they sound like a subtle P. So, here is a pflower picture pfor you.
Good news is that I dont need painkillers any more so I have no excuse to bludge. mind you, isnt that how some artists do it, stoned, for the sake of their art lol. Not me matey. I dont have the raw talent to start with to then go and enhance it with a drugged induced state, not unless you think finger painting with drool is art.
Have a good one and love your F's. I miss mine already.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

D60, Pellies and an early night...Im pooped

I read up on Nikon D60s today and a review commented on the high saturation which apparently is what I have been noticing in my pictures. It has been really bugging me and what bugged me more was the guy said it was a good soccer mom camera. Good Grief, as if my kids play soccer.........
Reds and blues are the worst but I will see if it is also my lack of skill.

So I sewed a pair of jean hems today because my jeans were about 3 feet too long. I sewed some draw fresheners ready to fill with delicious scented vanilla. Must make some for me.

I took 111 pictures of records then edited 90 of them, installed Turbo lister and now I need to psyche myself into listing them all.

And last but not least, I made a dozen cup cake candle thingies. I ruined just as many....... and I crossed more off of my weekly list YAY me. love the lists man!!

So now its good night from me and its goodnight from nunde.
Early to bed.... before 10 o'clock even....good grief Im getting old

Note to me - learn how to edit pictures to make all the background disappear like the pros......*crosses fingers* a Gimp expert will happen by and want to share that knowledge...

yep any minute now one will walk on by...... waiting.....waiting...


Short woman @ work

Behind this wall and under the canopy lies my studio. Today I will be out there because my time management sheet says I have to be. I cant say that I am sad about it (insert toothless cheeky smiley face here)
Tomorrow is dentist day. The start of a long process but thanks to kevin rudd I will have money at xmas to buy my falseys. Cheers Kevvy
And maybe some left over to buy some more Pellies

And photography lesson.
Be back later after work


Monday, October 20, 2008

My nunde Monday

Because my new roster says I have to, I cleaned today, vigourously and without mercy and now, thanks to my new roster, I wont have to clean for 6 days. I have 6 days for my nostril hair to grow back after bleaching the boys toilet....oh dont you greenies be frowning at me over my use of bleach....my whole family could die of bubonic plague if I didnt use it on the boys toilet. PLUS I dont wash it down the drain, OK, I use a cloth then throw it in the bin. Sheesh,hows that eh? Am I paranoid or what?
Today was so productive.
Starting from reverse because who says I have to start from the beginning. My heart did a flip when I saw that I still had one last remaining Apple Blossom Pellie remaining after a harsh winter of pellie death. The hardest Pellie I have ever had to grow. Origin - Warragul, old ladies garden on the hill that I nearly died climbing 2006. It was hanging over the fence:P

My Dad popped around with loot. A box of readers digest books that I was going to eBay for him but look at them, look at the patterns, the colors, the form. They now decorate my wannabe mantle.

And what about these eh? Now I have letter punches too. Yes indeed. I am looking forward to smacking random artwork with words. The posty brought me this last Friday. YAY for eBay. I couldn't find them anywhere in the shops.

and finally, I conclude, I am the crappiest cupcake maker on the planet and I shall stick to making fake ones. I also feel that either my camera makes colours look gawdy or my resolution on my monitor is funky. Please dont let it be my camera.

Have a good one!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Salmon Pink Large Double. Common name unknown Origin Alice's backyard 1993
Ivy Geranium. Riqi Origin Alice's Backyard 15 years ago 1993

Angel dwarf regal. Origin ABC gardening show 2006

How can you not be inspired to create when surrounded by such inspiration. Plants are what inspire my colour choices.



Zonals are my favourite. So hardy and attractive.
Origin of this one unknown, wish I kept better records.



I am a pellie collector. And now is the time they are all in bloom in my garden.
Love Spring!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Times are changing

With events unfolding, desires changing and life happening, regardless of how I try to avoid, obstruct or control any of these things, I am once again evolving, as we all do, constantly and without warning. I feel like I grew up last year and now I am ready to leave my emotional nest.

Profound musings for one that is far better suited to simple sentences that normally contain the use of words you wouldn't want your kids to hear, but there it is.

I have been a dependant for so long now I was frightened to be independent. I want to be like you and stand on my own two feet and support myself with out a male prop. No, I don't want to be single, just self reliant. Self supporting. Brave, just like you. Fearless.


Fantastic Friday

A month ago from today I showed up at Hare and Forbes to man the stall for the little exhibition the club was putting on. Ok, so I was a month early. Stupid phone alarm clock ,stupid Windows Calender alarm and stupid back up written appointment book. Everone of them was wrong, they must be broken.....
So today I choofed off to man the stalls for real today.
We sold a few raffle tickets, talked about what we are going to do with all of the money the government is giving us at Christmas and ate plenty free sausages that the hosts provided.

After that I choofed off to the community shop again to say G'day to the Friday crew. I got there just in time for fish and chips. See how well I time things.....

Phyl put my little magnets in this tray which I think looks great.
So I managed to get 2 meals for free, great company which is always free and I spent the rest of the day free to do as I please. Fantastic Free Friday!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear nunde


Where does one find the motivation to work when one is so tired? Why does my husband just say "take the day off"? Isn't every non working at nunde day a day off? Today I sealed the pre sealed patty pans then sealed them again. Not bad I guess for things done before 9am. The fab thing about working from home is that you get to seal patty pans for work whilst you clean out your fridge. I love these new novelty cupcakes that I have designed. A batch is in the baking today. They passed the fireproof test YAY! Hmmmm I will make clay sprinkles. I think I just found my motivation again:)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantastic Friday in Frankston

I sat upon the boardwalk and snapped a shot of what my husband gets to see out of his window every day. I spent lunch with him then choofed off to look for cake and kitchen shops for my new craft project. Frankston is a busy place and although it doesn't get a good wrap from our snootier folks in more affluent coastal towns, I love it. I love it so much I have been looking at real estate there..... that's a dream for another day though.
And to remind me that where I live isn't so bad and how lucky I am to have it, I was welcomed back with the gorgeous scent of my lilac tree in the late afternoon. Frankston is less that 30 minutes drive anyway, and I have decided to lunch there with my husband on a regular basis, for business reasons of course..........
I found the most awesome but pricey patty pans in Frankston for my new project.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Recycle Re use challenge For computer packaging

My Husband goes through computer parts like I go through band saw blades which causes a waste dilemma. The amount of packaging used is enormous and my conscience cannot deal with throwing it all in landfill so our yard resembles landfill with all of the bits and pieces of things I cannot throw away in landfill. The foam used in computer parts packaging is fantastic, sturdy and made for re-using over and over. It just shouldn't have one use.
Now, I decided I hate all DSLR bags. Sorry but they re just so expensive and boring and I have to carry so many things around that I don't want an extra bag. I am only 5 foot one- ish for crying out loud. Anymore bags and I wont be visible any more. So

My challenge is this.
Use this awesome brand new foam and reshape, refit and recreate something suitable for storing my camera and transporting it in my " choofin around town like a mad women" bag pictured in the above photo. I want one bag to carry my essentials when I am out and about and this bag ALWAYS carries stuff I cant live without like pliers, tape measures, bits and bolts. Phone, spare camera, torch, purse, knitting, embroidery, goodness the list goes on. I am a one bag woman. And so my challenge is set.
Can it be done? We will see I guess....


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hump Day

so time consuming but fun
fridge magnets
I worked like the proverbial today and late this evening my DH said " this weeks going so slow" and in my head I was screaming, " no, no it's not, I haven't finished half the things on my list , I have run out of time" and before I knew it I was saying this stuff with my outside voice.
Ever since I made my Picture To Do List I have been like a To Do maniac.
Community centre tomorrow, pending on hideousness of cold sores of course. I haven't had them so bad for years. Please please don't make me serve customers tomorrow.................... perhaps I could adorn my head with a brightly colored balaclava.....
blog ya tomorrow.


Crikey not more Cupcakes

I m bloody well obsessive. I daydream about all things cupcakes and then I make them all day long and I should be making bags........ I blame global warming
experimenting. again... oh and people, never ever clean Plaster of Paris left overs down your drain.......

I felt like using felt to make felt magnets. I mean good grief I did over order 200 sheets of the stuff eh! Almost done making these too.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its Been a Bad Day please dont take a picture - R.E.M

My blog is primarily to journal my adventure from becoming a hobby to a fully fledged business and whilst this may sound like I am using this platform to air some personal drama it is actually relevant in the fact that I am reminded how the spirit must persevere when things get tough and focus on the goal. Nothing dreadful happened. I just had a bad day.
I woke up covered in cold sores with no Zovirax in sight and now I look like I am wearing a bowl of cornflakes ( my ex step dads description) because when I finally did get zovirax they had spread like the bubonic plague. Then my front tooth that was drilled in with a gold pin, broke. I have already exceeded the number of teeth you can have on a partial so this means I have to get false teeth. I cannot go outside unless I wear a mask. Oh the drama lol Then with rego, rates, car service that cost more than a months mortgage (rogues) birthdays and Christmas coming up and new tyres needed for the car... one might feel just a little frazzled, particularly when nunde creations is being funded by dear husband at present, what, with outgoings exceeding incomings and such......
Appearance is everything no matter what people say and I challenge those that say its not to walk around without front teeth and try to convince someone to buy your product and lets hope to (insert what ever god here) that you arnt thelling thauthages.

So I had a bad day ( Daniel Powter song now going through my head) but as I am prone to say, a lot..I will have to adjust until my movie star teeth that I have dreamt of for years are saved up for, bought, paid for and fitted and I found a guy to design them for me. I will be confined to my studio for a few months whilst dental stuff is done, gumming all the while and focusing on the goal ahead. Now I need to work hard to achieve what we all take for granted and sometimes only money can buy. A gorgeous smile.


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