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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis the season for ....

Oh I know, your thinking "here she is again, all up in my face about rubbish, bla bla bla"

Well yes, I am actually!

It's not just you, It's me. How many of us got our growing kids a new bike and will leave last years bike out for hard rubbish?
I did, numerous times. Not this year though because this year I am cleaning his old bike up and giving it away.
What about Christmas paper? Are you still using it? Shame on you.

Trees just like this were used to make that paper. Not this one in particular, but many like it. Oh I know, you have convinced yourself that your paper was made from an ugly tree no one liked that a man planted just for making paper and it was probably a horrible tree anyhow. But was it? I mean, really?
What are the alternatives? Fabric or 100% recycled paper. Reuse last years gift bags. Some of them are awesome and will last for years and years. Wrap items creatively in towels etc. You guys probably know a million ways to wrap paper free. Share with us your ideas please.

What about those plastic toys that last for a week before the cheap brittle plastic snaps. I saw so many Grandparents and parents at the cheap $2 shops buying these types of toys for thier kinds/grandkids. All they did was leave the kids with landfill long after the grandparents are gone.
How do I know this? Because I was there too buying stocking fillers and for the first time ever I said NO. There will be no plastic crap in my kids stockings this year. It was very successful and the stocking still bulged and this tradition will now continue. FOREVER

In light of all of this I have done a bit of googling and found some alternatives to landfill for the impending waste that will be a result from unwanted, outgrown or broken presents.

e- Cycled - a place to list unwanted furniture, books, appliances and what-nots.

The Big Aussie Swap   Planet Ark. Check this out and the rest of Planet Arks website for brilliant suggestions

Secondhand Shopping and swaps     - a collection of sites

What about mobile phones? Most mobile shops have a bin to put you old phone in. I know crazy Johns does.

And then there is good old do it yourself. For less than a buck post your unwanteds on eBay or the Trading Post.
Put a sign in your local Milk bars window or Supermarket noticeboard. Coles, IGA and Safeway still have the good old fashioned noticeboards.

For computer stuff try E-waste 1800 392 783                     

Our earth and it's inhabitants will be eternally grateful if we were to ponder our actions of this years purchases and change some of our habits because at this time of year the volume of waste to enter our rubbish dumps is staggeringly high.
Lets all be responsible and accountable and change that. Please?
Wishing you much peace during this time of celebration.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just had to drop in and say


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is that time of year

So many new years resolutions are already being made as so many are being broken with every Christmas party we attend.

Food everywhere, and more to come. Who can say no?

not me thats for sure!!
It was our little craft group (PIPS) break up yesterday and no craft was to be done. Just lots of eating, talking and great company. We pretty much solved the worlds problems during this lunchtime but all solutions were forgotten after much needed nanna naps, so sorry, you will have to work them out yourselves.
Thank you to the girls at P.i.P.s for a wonderful year and I cant wait for our next crafting adventures in 2010.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

Finally my space is filled up with one of my most favourite things. All awaiting something, never sure what, but none of the creations I make with patty pans involve cooking. I need more variety to add to my collection. Anyone know where you can get yummy looking patty pans?
To peek at other spaces in other places check out Kootoyoo's place (she isnt awake yet so I will link it later.....woot she is awake!!) click here

Have a great Thursday. I am off to Theo's in Boronia to check it out. I have been told its like a crafters warehouse so Im pretty excited.



The Old Cheese Factory Crafters Market News


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High Tea

I worked so hard today girls, as did all of the other Homestead chicks.
2 High Teas back to back, goodness gracious me And a massive function on the grounds for people with disabilities. They had thier own band, drunk lots of coffee's and altogether partied big time on the lawn to the music. I met tonnes of nice folks there but was too busy to go out and have a little  boogey myself. Yeah, like I was gonna go out and dance anyhow HA!
For craft market  news check it out here
Now to sit for a bit, make dinner, then eat, then make some bags for the market.
is it bed time yet?
have a good one


Monday, December 7, 2009

Handmade gifts at the Gala

The event was officially opened by the mayor and the fun began.
500 toys the Berwick woodies made this year!
yes 500!
That is 500 toys for 500 kids that would have otherwise missed out this year and according to the charities that attended to receive the toys, there are a lot more going without this year.
Quilts made and donated by the Pakenham Quilters
and Joe's wife.

Bunk beds, so cute and cosy!

They even have little matresses..

Oh my, my inner child screamed out for one of these!

Master nunde yearned for one of each and asked "mum, why dont you ever make me wooden toys for me?"
Good Question.
Answer: um I dont know.

Afterwards we ate cake, dainty little sandwiches and more cake.
We liked this bit alot.

Then we went out to watch the vans take off with all the loot.

But not to worry, looks like they have made a good start on next years bounty.

Times are tough all over and it is heartwarming to see such generosity.
Have a great day everybody.

late edition. just had to add this link to One Pair of Hands so you could see all of the quilts on display that the Pakenham quilters donated. Click here
Awesome ladies and they do  all this on top of making people size quilt for struggling families. xoxo to them all


Sunday, December 6, 2009

So Seventies

No, this is not a picture from the 70's, although it could be!

Caribbean gardens hasnt changed since I was a kid and I am glad. I hope it never ever changes. The market was still as packed as ever  and I had my very first stall there with my friend Helen. Its only 5 bucks on Friday so you cant go wrong. I went with a $50 float and returned home with the foulest takeaway capucinno ever made, 2 awesome hair clip for a bargan, a photoshop elements cd, minus $20 from my float and a free pair of luminous transparent green crocs from the lovely Asian lady next door who said no one was going to buy them anyhow and she didnt want to pack them back up. Both Helen and I have size 7 feet so we both scored as this was the only size she had. She couldnt force them apon any of the other stall holders lol. What does that say about our taste. Hey they were free OK !!! They do  kind of remind me of zombie feet when I wear them but free is free mate....

Im going next Friday. More of that later
Right now I am off to the yearly handing over of the toys to charities that our woodworking club holds every year. Not one toy was made by me this year but I am so proud of my woody mates that I must go and cheer them on.



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In case you hadnt noticed

It is Christmas soon and lets face it,
 since the shops have had xmas decorations in them since
 September how the  heck can you not notice?

None the less, it was off to P.I.P.S today where we talked about Christmas, read Christmas magazines and made Christmas things for the Christmas stall and the upcoming markets.

I savoured my capucinno, its always better when you dont have to make your own and Julie sipped a chai as we sewed, drew, snipped and altogether yakked very loudly in our special little room just for us on Tuesdays.

It was lovely.
Then at 12:30 I took off my "crafting buddy" cap and put on my new "Market Coordinator" cap and perused paperworked over a yummy grilled ham/cheese/tomato sandwhich that I didnt have to make so it was awesome. Oh yeah, Im liking this gig. Now that I am on the other side of the kitchen I can see why people come to The Homestead so much.
Now I have my "Slave" cap on, oh sorry, I mean my "mother/wife/cook/cleaner" cap. Simultaneously I am wearing my "Blogging/reading market enquiries/working on nunde website" cap too.
In  a couple of hours I will be wearing my "couch potato"  cap and I really really love that one. Until then..
Have a good one!!!

P.S I got your text THANK YOU Aisha
P.P.S Thank you mum for reading my blog.
P.P.P.S Thank you everyone who wished me well with my new endeavours. You are all ace!!!


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