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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have been busy

And so have the mice... 30 draw fresheners that I had left in a tub without a lid were invaded by mice. This is what has led me to gutting my shed in a fit of obsessive cleaning. I would put a cat in my shed/studio but what if some one I sell to is allergic to cats? It was only the one tub. Nothing can get into the containers or the cupboard.

While the mice have been busy(before they were made forcefully to move out) I have been busy making all kinds of things but I have no pictures yet. I have had so much fun making stuff and cant wait until at least one is completed.
Oh , one thing I am totally excited about is my camera bag. I finally started on something for it and its alot further along than this first picture but it has been so much fun constructing the foam and fitting it into a standard bag. Hope to finish it very soon and show it off.

Sculpting the foam has been the funnest thing ever. So many things I am going to make this year and I am busting to do them all at once, like right now.....

Thank you so much Elsie for posting me the sock pattern that I have lost. I have 3 pairs of socks waiting for heels and this pattern was my favourite because it was easy for dummy knitters like myself.

Cheers all and good night!


Lavender January 3, 2009 at 11:40 AM  

Yeah Yeah Yeah.....tell me about that CAMERA!!! Woo Hoo! Looks a beauty!! LOL
(well, you know Im camera crazy) :)

Anyhow, is your shed up against a fence? I learned the hard way that that increases likelihood of invaders, as they follow the fence lines around. Also, since my aviaries are very near the fence, I just keep those waxy rat baits at intervals around the aviaries and shed, so if I get passing traffic, they get a dose straight away - its just as a preventative measure, if you wanted to give it a go - especially when the weather turns cold again...bet they loved that container, all snuggly and pretty - good taste they have!

Melanie January 3, 2009 at 2:15 PM  

Lavender - Rat poison it is then. The camera is my Nikon d60 that I picked for my husband to buy me for my birthday and I have no idea how to drive it yet but intend on having lessons. I too have become crazy about cameras but dont know enough yet to say it out loud(yeah coz a blog is saying it quietly lol) Im hoping to get as good as you with the close up moving shots...one day, but not bees, im allergic to bees :)

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