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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Christmas Vow *Warning* This Blog contains no Joy

Due to the fact that I hate Christmas I have lost all creative ability and thought to myself "self, hmmmmm, bit of a problem here"
I hate Christmas for so many reasons but my family are not with me on this so I am kinda spoiling it for them. I doubt that I have enough time to book in a therapist to work out my deep hatred for this time of year so I will have to take some positive action and break away from the December blues. The sad thing is that it isnt just me and once you get a flock of Christmas haters together the whole December Blues turns into an End of Year Disorder and there are so many people that subscribe to this way of thinking with so many gripes and griefs and misgivings that it all spirals into a month long of bleakness.
So enough Gripes
Enuff Grief
and no more misgivings.

I vow and declare that I will make every effort to complete all tasks required of me this month and I will Harden the *&^% up (as Chopper Reed would say) and stop wallowing.
Today I finish an order I should have done 2 weeks ago!!!
Oh, and I JUST received a notice from my son saying he has a xmas concert today at 12:00pm. Argh I HATE Christmas Carols. I dont even relate to them, it doesnt snow here, Im not religious and I am not joyous.....................ok ok my positive attitude starts... ummm..................OK im working up to it, it starts...........................sigh.............almost there......it starts ..........erk this is gonna be so outside my comfort zone.... ...........IT BLOOMIN' WELL STARTS NOW!!!!!


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