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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bank transfer descriptions Warning* bad abbreviated language*

I wonder who does this? Am I the only one that is so maladjusted or angry at the fact that all of our income goes to bills?
I do everything via internet , specially banking and everytime I get payments for this or that come in I transfer them to the main account. It asks for a description for your personal reference. Well last year I started writing exactly what the transfer was for and it started like this. If you talk fluent net speak you will understand, if not, perhaps its best you dont. I just hope the bank cant, but then, its none of their grubby business. They work for me!!(yeah right, I work to make them rich) Anyhow, descriptions are as follow, starting with :






fkn bills



and today it was FINALLY


I just refuse to spend this transfer on bills and all 4 kids are going to nannies so I wont be nagged for money for this money for that ...yes, I count kids as bills too....especially teenagers.


Knitty Bug December 15, 2007 at 11:12 AM  

Hey Melanie,
Luv your descriptions, I think I might do that for some of my internet tranfers, gotta hate banks and those friggin bills!!!!!!!!!

Watch this!

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