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Monday, December 17, 2007

Todays goals

Todays goals
20 minute walk. I just will not do the 30 minutes every book tells me to, I hate being told what to do plus I get bored. If I am expected to walk 30 minutes then people should put more interesting stuff in their gardens for me to look at. Maybe some cool pink flamingos? I mean come on guys, they had way cooler stuff in their front yard in the states!!! Just about every house I saw had a flag and they had really cool wreaths hanging off of everything like doors and gates. All of which were decorated depending on the season. I dont know why though, but the whole month I was there I only saw 2 people out walking and I walked everyday waiting for . I wish we had squirrels. I dont know if this counts but when I walk the our local shops I talk to the rats that hang out in the path behind. I have a soft spot for rats. They are only cleaning up the fish and chip shops garbage. Not squirels though I guess. No one goes awww look at that cute rat. DONE

BUNTING omg isnt that done yet? Halfway there, its so cute!!!

Xmas cards for Connor DONE

Withraw the Christmas club money before it gets too late (wouldnt there be 4 unhappy kids if I forgot that)Shhhhh dont tell them I have sneaky savings accounts.DONE & DONE

Lunch @ my club(take xmas cards) DONE and I got a present from the place I have been helping out at woohoo!!! I put it under the tree of course to make me feel special:)
another coat to cupcakes DONE

what are we going to have for dinner???? Turkey & salad again

Write out Christmas cards to send tomorrow

Find soldering iron, I feel like tinkerin with wood and charms - no time, still working on bunting and already thinking of my next bunting project.. OOOOOH EASTER!!!!

Blog ya later!


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