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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OOOPS I did it again

I went to the store to buy buckeye ingredients and came home with a second hand dresser that I am going to refashion into an entertainment unit that can hold the new wii and the xbox and the game cube and the dvd......... and hopefully one day when I am rich the new massive LCD flat screen tv. Buckeye ingredients will have to be done tomorrow. Im beat from lugging around furniture. Now I really get to whip out my power tools YAY
Im going to take the walnut stain right off. The handles stay as they are good solid ones that will withstand 4 brutal draw users/abusers. The draws are also constructed well enough to withstand my kids. I also made sure it was all solid well enough to withstand being refashioned even if it wont be too drastic of a change.

middle draws will be removed completely leaving 3 draws either side .I will then use the middle to put in 2 shelves and make the holes to put the wiring through in the back.
It has a solid top, not a crappy cheap one and thats why I loved it. I am thinking shiney shiney top.

I have so little property to store anything on my property that I had to squeeze in to take this pic. I am a truly chaotic tinkerer and lovin it!!

The mirror needs to find a place to be stored. It is massive and will need to be reworked before it suits my house.
I am really looking forward to this and feel all warm and fuzzy that I am refashioning something rather than buying something new. My greeny bone tingles with joy.

Now to find a home for my treadmill and the old, way to small and too tall, TV unit that we live in fear of toppling over.

Most would say I need a bigger house. I say I need more sheds. Houses are work, sheds are fun and a bigger house means more work. Makes sense to me.

Must go get buckeye ingredients. my daughter is going to get her friend to do them too so it will be like a bonding thing and she has told me to get off my butt and get the ingredients... geeze she is bossy. Foine, Im goin ok!

Blog ya later!


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