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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Buckeyes be done!

They didnt turn out as they usually do because it was SO HOT and I forgot the tooth picks so I thought I would try a vintage ice bucket prong and that was a disaster. Never the less, they taste the same. These are off to Dear M's work tomorrow. The ladies there wont know the difference.

Plenty of rejects left and plenty of kids to finish them off. Jazzy and her friend helped me make them. I have found a way to mesmerize 2 teenage girls. Hand them a noisey blender with a extra noisey pulse button and a semi broken lid that bikky dust flies out of and theyre amused for the duration.


Off to the shed to make more trolley inserts. As I approach I am reminded of The day of the Triffods. (wow, im that old I can remember reading the book and seeing the movie)
I have to duck to get into my shed.

From the inside I looked trapped

From above I am totally surrounded

And all of this is happening under the watchful eye of this never daring to move onlooker. He is only a baby. You should see his mum and dad. One of them is the size of my hand. If one of these buggah's drops on my head (as huntmans do) I am going to *&^% bricks.

My shed is feral but I love it. Cept when something crawls on me..... I got the heebee geebies thinking about it.
Catch ya tomorrow.


Mumi January 5, 2008 at 11:30 PM  

OMG those Buckeyes look yummmmm....
what are they exactaly? Is incredibliy slimming Peanut Butter

Watch this!

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