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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back on track!

Today I plan to -
Start an inspirational thought a day DONE
Go to craft shoppe -
Stop at $2 shop on way home for bundles of cards for the kids to give to friends.
Start cupcakes again DONE
and start my BUNTING omg I love BUNTING!!!!
*praying to the headache god to please leave me be and go give my headache to the nasty P plater who threatened me because I scowled at him for dumping his rubbish in the library carpark* How cowardous are some people? I just gave him a look and he made the "cut throat " gesture indicating I shouldnt dob on him or else. I took a photo of him as soon as he did it to show I had no fear of his threat but phone cameras are not very reliable. So I hope that cowardous, rude little *&^) who likes to threaten ladies in their 40's gets a migraine....and may a huge dump truck bestow its contents apon his driveway on Christmas day. Rar!



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