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Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I want for Christmas is an upgrade! Warning*Copius amounts of raving about computer related stuff*

I am getting the blue screen of death half a dozen times a day at least and I dont think I can bandaid my comp anymore. Of course the hot weather is what is making it worse. My Dear M modified a fan the size of a small dog to fix the problem a few months ago because it appears now that a 2 year old board is so old they dont even bother making parts for it....I really would have prefered a screen printing kit. Looks like I ll be getting an upgrade or even a complete rebuild. I do love the smell of new hardware though. I dont build my own comps anymore because I found M but I do remember my first build and how exhilerated I was when I lay all the parts on the table and could smell it. Its very similar to how excited people are when they smell the new car smell. both are probably toxic I know but the excitement overrides the fear of being poisoned by noxious gasses. And then theres nothing more exciting than getting a new hardrive to fill up. I number my comps starting from when I met my husband and this one is number 6.. thats 6 comps in 8 years. Well I cant help it, if the technology is there I must have it muwahahaha. He is worse!! M is obsessed with cooling systems and some resemble what I have on my car. Its all in pursuit of having the fastest comp to play the latest games. Yes we are generation x gamers. Ther are millions of us. We started off with dungeons and dragons or ataris and never looked back. I was an arcade game kid. I would spend most of weekly student allowance playing a game called pooyan or pootan on hot Mildura nights whilst eating giant rat lollies. Some grew up, some just were not good enough (snicker) but the rest of us pushed the demand for bigger faster better computers and games which todays kids now claim is their domain but we know better. We have been doing this for nearly 30 years. We speak a different language, we dance to a different drum and we associate mainly with like minded folk in our free time. We are all normal tax paying people, with kids, mortgages and dogs but in discussions with our kind of people you wont only find us reflecting on different countries we have travelled to, we will often mention place names of valleys or towns where events have occured in our lives and only those that subscribe to that particular game with know the location. Many a nights when my Dear M was overseas and I was stuck here we would sit together watching the sunrise in various places in Norrath. Sth Karana was my most memorable sunrise because I told him that we have sunrises like that in Australia and they are real. He will tell you today that I wasnt lying. Our sunrises are the same. Our actual guild is made up totally of people we know in real life that we work with, family or people we have known since we used to sneak beer into the dorms. We see game speak filter into normal netspeak and then we see it filter into the real world and every now and then we will chuckle because we know by the sticker or number plate on that old dudes car that he plays such and such game. If anyone out there understands BUR, then you too are a gamer and not only will you recognize that word but you will automatically want to do a /rude to the person saying it (thats putting it mildly) Or ...you are one of them (insert evil glare here)
Anyhow, enough about my world. Back to reality. I am volunteering in the craft shoppe today so I must put my real life uplifting face on because the Today I will Book said so.


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