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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How is the Vow going Now

Tough day today. Changing ones thought process is as wearing and perplexing as changing a car tyre.(for me anyhow)
Had a 53 minute conversation with my mother. She told me all the fantastic things about myself(mothers lie I know but they are our foundation and I chose to believe her today) On ya mum!
Order item is cut out. Have mp3 set to happy upbeat techno. not going to childs xmas thing. He will get over it, if not, the yellow pages has pages of therapists. Handing me a notice on the day something is happening when I ask for notices EVERY NIGHT is just not on. I need this day(yes I have some guilt but I really NEED this day)
I am now having a falafel souvlaki. yum with alfalfa sprouts omg yummo. Burnt the first lot of falafels, It said 1 point 5 minutes Mel NOT 15 minutes.........

Orright! Ill be back!(said in an Arnie type accent only a little girly)


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