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Friday, December 21, 2007

Today I will.....

Be grateful for all of my blessings
from 100 ways to make yourself calm and creative.

Even before I read this page I was already on that path. Today the bases will finally be cured and I will finish the gifts for my friends at the craft shoppe. Each one a blessing and very very dear to me. They never read this so I can get away with some mushiness. They know, even though Im not one to express myself well in real life, that this is how I regard them. And thats why I love them all to pieces. They accept me for who and how I am and thats a blessing in itself.
Enough wishy washy sentiment(rolling eyes at myself) I have some presents to finish.

And its the last day of school!!! Kids at home for 6 weeks. WOOT!!! 6 weeks of staying up in my shed till the AM and not having to get out of bed to make lunches. Hey, thats another blessing right?!

Watch this!

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