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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Fambly

Some of my day
I finished a trolley insert. It was an order and the lady picked it up from the craft shoppe. Yay for me.

I flicked through my library books

I talked to my friends and my friends replied
"Rawr rawr rawr wait wait I cant find my squeaky toy" "Did you take my squeaky toy" "rawr rawr give me back my squeaky toy"
"Sweet I found my Squeaky toy'
(muffled rawr rawr "found it")
"OK coming!!"

"rawr , I so Happy. I love you squeaky toy"

"hehehehehe what a baby, you wouldnt catch me with a squeaky toy, I prefer to eat everybodies socks and surprise them when they find their missing sock in my *&&^%, gosh I'm funny"

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow gasp meow meow (insert 2 legged pets muttering strange words loudly that would translate to "geeze , stop meowing")

"Dont touch me, you repulse me."

"I find you all totally boring, I'm going to sit on the neighbors car *yawn*"

and last but not least!
"What, with all the cats and dogs in this family and that 6 year old kid, Im lucky to be alive!!!"

Such a yappy bunch, all with their own personalities. I wouldnt be without them.

So then I go off to nag the son who mooches round all day playing world of warcraft if I let him(which I dont)

I am greeted with:

"geeze mum, like cant I do the dishes after I do an instance like with my friends in WoW , Im like this close I-----I to downing the boss mob, like omg mum it drops some really good crit gear..."

Then I find these were taken while I was shopping the other day. my whole camera was full of this sort of mischief.

note to self - stop leaving camera at home.

Child number 3 is out and about socializing so for now there is no bickering over who gets to play single player xbox games or the game cube

I pat myself on the back for starting to put the decorations up *pat pat*
Theres something missing here so I will rectify that tomorrow

No I dont have a fireplace, I live in a bloomin desert, why would I want a bloomin fireplace?

Hail to the bangy clangy door decoration.
Crikey it gets annoying!

Now to my shed, where I work, in the sweltering heat.
Oooh look, that looks like the begining of some Bunting YAY *golf claps for me*

and this is work that SHOULD have been finished a week ago but isnt...
Today I got a christmas present from Joyce, the lady I take every Thursday to the share and care club. I put it under the tree for me to open christmas day.
And now I am off to bed
Blog ya later!


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