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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bunting Baybee Oh Yeah!!


And now a Bunting we shall make!
First raid the scrap bins at the local curtain shop
8 samples for 2 bucks. Bargain!
Add a bit of spotlight stuff.
Raid all the cupboards

Now this is where it got technical.
I had to search high and low for a bunting template
(some times referred to by smarter people than meself as a triangle)

Roll Roll Roll.
previously referred to as snip snip snip but my 1960s scissors that my mum gave me dont do much snipping now that I have a roller cutter thingy.

Sew sew sew

MMM hessian. I managed to incorporate it in here somehow.

Tonnes of binding.

and then we have 5 metres of bunting and somewhere to hang the cards

Im getting into this Christmassy thing now! Yay me.
Still only 2 christmas presents under the tree and they are for me:)
The kids are getting annoyed but I am not silly. I have lay byed everything huge and wont pick it up until christmas eve. They are very sneaky you see. I am so excited about one present I got them. I dibs first go when they have finished with it. I would write it here but what if my daughter read it? Wii couldnt have that now could Wii?
Blog ya later


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