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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its Been a Bad Day please dont take a picture - R.E.M

My blog is primarily to journal my adventure from becoming a hobby to a fully fledged business and whilst this may sound like I am using this platform to air some personal drama it is actually relevant in the fact that I am reminded how the spirit must persevere when things get tough and focus on the goal. Nothing dreadful happened. I just had a bad day.
I woke up covered in cold sores with no Zovirax in sight and now I look like I am wearing a bowl of cornflakes ( my ex step dads description) because when I finally did get zovirax they had spread like the bubonic plague. Then my front tooth that was drilled in with a gold pin, broke. I have already exceeded the number of teeth you can have on a partial so this means I have to get false teeth. I cannot go outside unless I wear a mask. Oh the drama lol Then with rego, rates, car service that cost more than a months mortgage (rogues) birthdays and Christmas coming up and new tyres needed for the car... one might feel just a little frazzled, particularly when nunde creations is being funded by dear husband at present, what, with outgoings exceeding incomings and such......
Appearance is everything no matter what people say and I challenge those that say its not to walk around without front teeth and try to convince someone to buy your product and lets hope to (insert what ever god here) that you arnt thelling thauthages.

So I had a bad day ( Daniel Powter song now going through my head) but as I am prone to say, a lot..I will have to adjust until my movie star teeth that I have dreamt of for years are saved up for, bought, paid for and fitted and I found a guy to design them for me. I will be confined to my studio for a few months whilst dental stuff is done, gumming all the while and focusing on the goal ahead. Now I need to work hard to achieve what we all take for granted and sometimes only money can buy. A gorgeous smile.


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