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Monday, October 20, 2008

My nunde Monday

Because my new roster says I have to, I cleaned today, vigourously and without mercy and now, thanks to my new roster, I wont have to clean for 6 days. I have 6 days for my nostril hair to grow back after bleaching the boys toilet....oh dont you greenies be frowning at me over my use of bleach....my whole family could die of bubonic plague if I didnt use it on the boys toilet. PLUS I dont wash it down the drain, OK, I use a cloth then throw it in the bin. Sheesh,hows that eh? Am I paranoid or what?
Today was so productive.
Starting from reverse because who says I have to start from the beginning. My heart did a flip when I saw that I still had one last remaining Apple Blossom Pellie remaining after a harsh winter of pellie death. The hardest Pellie I have ever had to grow. Origin - Warragul, old ladies garden on the hill that I nearly died climbing 2006. It was hanging over the fence:P

My Dad popped around with loot. A box of readers digest books that I was going to eBay for him but look at them, look at the patterns, the colors, the form. They now decorate my wannabe mantle.

And what about these eh? Now I have letter punches too. Yes indeed. I am looking forward to smacking random artwork with words. The posty brought me this last Friday. YAY for eBay. I couldn't find them anywhere in the shops.

and finally, I conclude, I am the crappiest cupcake maker on the planet and I shall stick to making fake ones. I also feel that either my camera makes colours look gawdy or my resolution on my monitor is funky. Please dont let it be my camera.

Have a good one!!


Lavender October 20, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

I dont know what I envy more, those punches or those lovely white buds!
Your pics do look saturated with colour - but I dont think theres too much colour - if you know what I mean - so I wouldnt worry too much...
really love the depth of field you got on those buds - groovy!

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