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Friday, October 10, 2008

Recycle Re use challenge For computer packaging

My Husband goes through computer parts like I go through band saw blades which causes a waste dilemma. The amount of packaging used is enormous and my conscience cannot deal with throwing it all in landfill so our yard resembles landfill with all of the bits and pieces of things I cannot throw away in landfill. The foam used in computer parts packaging is fantastic, sturdy and made for re-using over and over. It just shouldn't have one use.
Now, I decided I hate all DSLR bags. Sorry but they re just so expensive and boring and I have to carry so many things around that I don't want an extra bag. I am only 5 foot one- ish for crying out loud. Anymore bags and I wont be visible any more. So

My challenge is this.
Use this awesome brand new foam and reshape, refit and recreate something suitable for storing my camera and transporting it in my " choofin around town like a mad women" bag pictured in the above photo. I want one bag to carry my essentials when I am out and about and this bag ALWAYS carries stuff I cant live without like pliers, tape measures, bits and bolts. Phone, spare camera, torch, purse, knitting, embroidery, goodness the list goes on. I am a one bag woman. And so my challenge is set.
Can it be done? We will see I guess....


Lavender October 10, 2008 at 10:55 AM  

Very curious what you will come up with, sounds like a daunting challenge! But I know what you mean about the amount of packaging - its a real worry. I have a neighbor who uses big styro boxes as seed starting trays, and I have broken some into sheets and used these 'sheets' to line the inside of large planters with, before filling with potting mix - works a treat for planters that sit in the sun all day as it really helps to keep the roots cooler.

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