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Thursday, October 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is me two front teeth!!

codiene took away my capacity to create so with yesterday over and my mouth on the mend I will go see the girls at the community centre. I discovered that without front teeth you can actually say sausages. You just sound a bit snakey with all the extra sssssss-ing. Its the blasted F's you cant say and they sound like a subtle P. So, here is a pflower picture pfor you.
Good news is that I dont need painkillers any more so I have no excuse to bludge. mind you, isnt that how some artists do it, stoned, for the sake of their art lol. Not me matey. I dont have the raw talent to start with to then go and enhance it with a drugged induced state, not unless you think finger painting with drool is art.
Have a good one and love your F's. I miss mine already.


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