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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fantastic Friday

A month ago from today I showed up at Hare and Forbes to man the stall for the little exhibition the club was putting on. Ok, so I was a month early. Stupid phone alarm clock ,stupid Windows Calender alarm and stupid back up written appointment book. Everone of them was wrong, they must be broken.....
So today I choofed off to man the stalls for real today.
We sold a few raffle tickets, talked about what we are going to do with all of the money the government is giving us at Christmas and ate plenty free sausages that the hosts provided.

After that I choofed off to the community shop again to say G'day to the Friday crew. I got there just in time for fish and chips. See how well I time things.....

Phyl put my little magnets in this tray which I think looks great.
So I managed to get 2 meals for free, great company which is always free and I spent the rest of the day free to do as I please. Fantastic Free Friday!!


Gwen Buchanan October 27, 2008 at 10:05 AM  

This is funny.. we had a rather dumb experience in our small village not long after we moved here.. we were invited to a Halloween party.. costume required.. on a Friday nite before Halloween... We decided to go and convinced another couple to come with us.. neither of us knew the Party people...

anyway after much costume preparations that took the best part of a week we finally drove into the yard... and wondered if we were early cause there were no other cars there yet.. as we wandered around in full costume in their yard in full view of all the other neighboring homes.... My husband finally got up the nerve to go to the door.... boy did we feel stupid... yep... wrong night... and they never even asked us in just for fun... been kind of nervous about going to costume parties ever since...
at least you didn't show up in costume!!!

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