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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fantastic Friday Sewing, sealing and being spoilt.

Sewing First. Jazzy Joy is modelling her latest textiles project that she has completed successfully. With her sewing skills I shall have her working on my bags in no time. Her over locking skills are better than mine and her zip skills look pro now. Hope she keeps this up.

I signed up for another cool looking sewing email list Sew and Tell at Sewing.com
I got creative with black and pink cupcakes and think they came out a treat (fake not real)

And almost finished a few of my birthday novelty range ones for the Gift Shop. I want to list them online but will tinker with the packaging.. Totally fat free.

How cool is this? I get one tooth pulled out and my mum comes around with a care package with curry for me and chicken burgers for all the non curry lovin heathens. Buns to have them on and cookies for play lunches and treats and lots of fruit and veg. Imagine what I will get when I have 5 out at once YAY maybe a new car mum? Oh what about a spa, yeah, I'd love a spa...

or a boat, oh yeah a cool Haynes Hunter, or maybe a puppy, can I have a puppy mum? ........



A'isha October 26, 2008 at 9:04 AM  

Your Mum is awesome, can she adopt me!!!..lol.. More time to create while your recovering.. how is it going...

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