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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

D60, Pellies and an early night...Im pooped

I read up on Nikon D60s today and a review commented on the high saturation which apparently is what I have been noticing in my pictures. It has been really bugging me and what bugged me more was the guy said it was a good soccer mom camera. Good Grief, as if my kids play soccer.........
Reds and blues are the worst but I will see if it is also my lack of skill.

So I sewed a pair of jean hems today because my jeans were about 3 feet too long. I sewed some draw fresheners ready to fill with delicious scented vanilla. Must make some for me.

I took 111 pictures of records then edited 90 of them, installed Turbo lister and now I need to psyche myself into listing them all.

And last but not least, I made a dozen cup cake candle thingies. I ruined just as many....... and I crossed more off of my weekly list YAY me. love the lists man!!

So now its good night from me and its goodnight from nunde.
Early to bed.... before 10 o'clock even....good grief Im getting old

Note to me - learn how to edit pictures to make all the background disappear like the pros......*crosses fingers* a Gimp expert will happen by and want to share that knowledge...

yep any minute now one will walk on by...... waiting.....waiting...


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