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Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink and Brown. Never a frown

I posted the last of this fortnights eBay items today. Funny how the universe works. One minute I am reflecting on the standing stillness of my business and the next minute I haven't had time to sit for a week.
eBay is a very iffy venture. I made very little on items this week that I may have made a lot on last week. It is a fickle market. I should know, I am part of that market that other eBayers depend upon to bid.
So with my package posted, and a quick hello in passing to 3 people I knew that had errands in town also, then I was off to scrounge for supplies. I wonder how all of you hand makers or buyers of handmade are going this year. I intend to surpass my efforts last year in that front.

I scored some of the most luxurious fabric from the Curtain and Drapes store scrap bin for $2.00.

I pondered as I took this photo. The colours of these fabrics reflect my colour scheme at home.
Can you remember all of your colour scheme changes as you got older? I can.
First was the eclectic hand me downs that didn't match one bit. (things people pay big money for now from the 70s lol)
Early 20's everything was Black.
mid 20's pink....too bad I had my house build when I went through this phase, 30's I went green & pink and now my 40s, Brown and a tiny splash of very pale Pink.
I wonder if this colour pattern that I am seeing is a reflection of my tastes changing or myself just becoming B O R I N G ! Argh.....


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