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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings and Salutations

Well, it's new Years Eve and I am a little bit a lot sloshed. Usually I only drink on Christmas eve(once a year for you people who don't know how many Christmas eves there are, clearly you have had more than me to drink *hic*) but this cowboy drink for 14.99 is just the best thing since double choc coated Tim Tams so I decided to make my alcoholic bingeing a twice yearly event.
How is every one else holding up? Merrily I hope, whether it be with an ale in your hand or the hand of some one you adore.
Now what about those nasty New years resolutions eh? Well, I did them last year as pictured here.

Most were done but to be honest it was the easy stuff. I had a goal for myself to lose 20 kilos and I put on 8...... I wanted to paint the house but change my mind on colours so much it was too cold to do it.
Some one jokingly put a note saying "send Zack to a monastery" and he ended up in a remote town living with a bunch of guys..... *note to self* dont joke about goal stuff. As heart breaking as that was, another goal posted on the board simply said "peace" and funnily enough when Zack moved to the "monastery" this was achieved. Hard for a mum who loves her kids more than power tools to say but true. Another backwards resolution was " earn more money" . Ok so we did that, but we also owed more, what's up with that??? Oh and last but not least, my daughter wanted to pass year 10, which she did, with awards and all, then she quit...
Resolutions have too many grey areas and if they are not defined thoroughly , we as people will do anything to find loop holes to get out of them. I'm not dressing it up like some new age namby pambian, we FAIL.
So, with that in mind. I'm not doing a New years resolution. I am doing LAST YEARS resolutions and it is simply "achieve this year what you failed at last year"
And it starts today. not next year.
Anyhow, I will raise my glass which is now empty and wish ya'll the best for 2009.
Cheers Big Ears!! (of course you dont have big ears silly, its just my fav toast my brother does)

It will be a catching up on blogs day tomorrow. I am excited to be back on deck. Yep even excited about working again. I have been most creative. Nothing I have touched since my break has had anything to do with work. I feel invigorated.
Cant wait to dive back into the blogasphere( um how does one spell that word?)
See Ya tomorrow.


CurlyPops January 1, 2009 at 12:33 AM  

Cheers Big Ears. I hope you had a lovely sloshy night!

Ching Ya January 1, 2009 at 8:02 PM  

Wish you all the best in the 2009! Happy New Year! Enjoy!

p/s: I think it's 'blogosphere'.

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