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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Its 1 am and I am obsessing over the state of my messy blog. Links lost, widgets missing and heaven forbid I should place something in the wrong order. Its not my blog keeping me awake though. Its the anticipation of my son coming home for Christmas and the fear of being a massive baby once again once he leaves again. This is a little heartfelt I know for a blog and from someone like me who would rather laugh at old episodes of Auntie Jack with paper cut out teeth strapped to a cat but I think it inappropriate to call some one at 1am and I don't have any sleeping pills. Could some one email me some?? joke of course. Anyhow. 2 more sleeps and insomnia wont matter. Its school holidays and I have never looked forward to them so much. I'm going to sleep in till 9 am whenever I feel like it. Hear that kids.... I'm not your mother til after 9 am. hmmmph well of course they cant hear me, its 1am and they re asleep.
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