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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reasons to shop at a real shop for Christmas

Well, here is the other half of my ponderings. It has been a busy few weeks and I have noticed on my blogroll that I am not the only one with less time available to blog.

This list is in relation to a post I did the other day which you can find here regarding my list of reasons for shopping online. Today I am faced with actually going to the shops physically so I thought I would list my ponderings on the good side of this too. I wonder what kind of shopper you are? Online or In Person or both? I think there is good and bad in both dont you?

Well here are my thoughts anyhow.

1.Real live human contact
2.Easy and faster return of goods to the store of purchase
3.The energy that is given off by a large crowd on a mission is exhilarating to some.
4.Customer service- you can demand as much or as little as you want and don't have to wait for email replies
5.You can demand better customer service on the spot
6.Instant gratification - we all love that:)
7.If you wait until the last minute you can get great deals on items.
8. No postage delays
9. No risk of item arriving in post damaged and then being unable to have it replaced in time.
10. Less risk of item not being as described.
11. Exercise. I wore my pedometer once and clocked up 17000 steps in one trip at Westfield Fountain Gate.
12. The Christmas Spirit can be quite evident in some stores which makes a lasting impression when you experience it in person. This is the feeling you would definately get at the craft shop where I worked.

lets see how I feel in about 4 hours time lol


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