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Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Evironmentally and Consumer friendly reasons to do Christmas shopping Online

1. Conserve fuel - It wont last forever you know and the posty was coming your way anyway.

2. Reduce Pollution. I don't know if you are aware of this or not but CARS POLLUTE the environment... OK so I am being facetious there.

3. Reduce packaging from the seller - Many online sellers recycle packaging, particularly craftsers and the like.

4. Reduce packaging as a seller or sender of gifts - Whether it is used once or repeatedly, reuse packaging that you have received with your parcels.

5. For example - Aussie Post Cardboard boxes. As long as you remove or cover any previous information you can re use it. And what about that bubble wrap, come on guys, that stuff has a lot more life in it than one trip in the post.

6. Reduce the risk of Car Park rage. - oh don't you scoff at that one. I have seen perfectly rational women waving clenched fists and threatening all kinds of abuse over a stupid car park slot.
7. Reduce wear and tear on your car, tyres, shoes and nerves

8. Reduce your carbohydrate intake - seriously, how much crap do you consume when you go to the shops if you haven't prepared in advance for when hunger pangs start

9.Reduce foot pain - tell me your feet don't hurt after trekking around distances that surpass a small hiking trip in shoes designed for mannequins

10.Save money - there are some absolute bargains online and you can compare prices quicker and with less effort at now cost before you make the final purchase.

11.Reduce impulse shopping - Impulse shopping and then experiencing cognitive dissonance later on.

12.There is no reason many bricks and mortar shops cant offer online options to buying their products so don't feel bad for them, they are behind the times.

13.Online shopping gives you more variety

14.You can do it in your lunch break or while your boss isn't looking ( I take no responsibility if you get caught - shame on you) Also, try not to get mayo on the keyboard..yucky

15.With all of that time, money and the environment you have saved, take a walk and smell the Ozone while you wait for the posty. Even better if you live in the Northern Hemisphere where it is freezing or even snowing. Stay in by the fire and let the postman freeze his butt off.

Most important of all, whether its online or in a shop, enjoy yourself and
Have a Merry Christmas
Disclaimer: These are based on my opinions only and because I know that I am not really the ruler of the world even though it quite clearly says that on my business description, I totally understand that you may have different opinions or information in your world.


Anonymous,  December 15, 2008 at 3:46 PM  

Do you know what cognitive dissonance is? Just wondered because it seemed misused in your post. Have a terrific Christmas.

Melanie December 15, 2008 at 4:11 PM  

hello anonymous. I am always up for being taught something but I need more info please because this term was taught to both my brother and myself during our business and sales courses. I have tried to find some information to back it up
"Post-Purchase Evaluation--outcome: Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction. Cognitive Dissonance, have you made the right decision. This can be reduced by warranties, after sales communication etc.
Maybe I have written it in the sentence incorrectly?
Hers how a simpleton like myself would use it "I bought this $500 pair of spandex low waist knowing that I went shopping only for xmas presents and think I should return the spandex pasnt but dont want to but really should.
A better definition of it used in that context is here http://www.answers.com/topic/cognitive-dissonance
Cheers and thank you for taking an interest.

Melanie December 15, 2008 at 10:11 PM  

I see where the confusion is. I forgot the hyphen. Perhaps you would like to come off anonymous so I can reply and thank you:)

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