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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trying new crafts

I dont fuss much over my wares being rejected by people who dont think it is thier taste in a shop but I am terrified of giving people a gift that I have made and wondering if they hate it to pieces and wont even use it but are telling me furfies about loving it.

Well, I am no beader. I can barely string a coherant sentence let alone a color co-ordinated string of beads. But Pam, who I am very very very fond of, gave me these and said she bought them and then didnt like them so I could use them.

I said I would try making her something out of the black and silver bits which she liked. Well here it is. Is it any better? Will she laugh at it? If I was putting it in a shop I wouldnt care because Im not around to hear people criticize me but I wanted my friend to like it, a lot.

Spotlight at Fountain Gate have a table of beads for $1 a bag so I grabbed 5 and used some to add a little colour to Pams gift. Looks like I have 100s left over!



Gwen Buchanan December 18, 2008 at 11:16 AM  

$1.00 a bag.. what a deal.. I wouldn't be able to resist that either.. Love the photos.. the sheen and lighting really highlight your work... All the best!!

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