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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vintage Key Tree

The pictures I take tend to ruin the ambience and the clarity of the warm light and the play of shadows. The keys move mysteriously all on there own which is mesmerizing. All 61 of them. The vase is filled with items collected by my children from beaches, footpaths and various other places. If they saw it as beautiful enough to present to me(yes, even gravel) well I saw it as a gift and can never part with it. Still a work in progress and a pleasant distraction from the ever nagging need to decorate the christmas tree.

Here is the tree.


Im not big on christmas. To me, and I know people will gasp in horror, its all about the presents. Giving and receiving. People just dont say it out loud. That is all it represents to me and this tree is a symbol of something we place the presents under. I dont care for family gatherings, dressing up, driving on roads with drunks in abundance and I can bet there are more people like me( except for the shallow all about the presents thing) than there are who love the whole christmas thing. Religious people not included, I cant speak on behalf of them, Im talking about the 1000s of Aussies who dont even know who that Jesus bloke is and who just see christmas as one more yearly expense like registration.

Many a son or daughter will drag themselves to a xmas dinner and not be thankful for the xmas roast but for when the clock strikes a suitable and appropriate time to leave. Im in it totally for the Boxing day bargains.

So I will take my merry little self off and force myself to get in the mood to mess my house up with gawdy green and red.


Lavender December 23, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

Oh this is great - really! Youve said here many things I personally think and feel...and I got very cranky about the whole thing on Oculus Sinister, but it wont publish untill tommorrow morning - I was beginning to think I was the only one with these 'subversive' Bah Humbug feelings LOL
Im off early tommorrow, so I probablly wont be able to respond to comments and such till I get back, Stay safe and dont let the spammers bite!

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