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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today I am gearing up to go

I love Amazon.
I hate learning to build websites.
Hopefully this book from Amazon will help
Now have the book, I have to start.

I went to take a peek at the Old Cheese Factory. Soon there will be chairs here with people chatting and coffee being consumed. The gift shop is inside, where my stuff will be. I guess I better hurry and finish some.

This cheeky bird dropped a plum on my head as I looked around

Later I went to have coffee with the girls and help with the old shop. I saw this book and made a fuss over how I loved old books like this. PS said she left that for me 3 months ago, its mine. YAY LOOT!

And finally I have more string to make a string bag.

I am still weighing up doing a 6 month course on multimedia but I just cannot get excited about it. If I was rich I would pay some one to do it all. Nah, I probably wouldn't, I'm too tight:)

So it is all go here. Soon, very soon, I will have some creative show and tell FINALLY!
Cheers to you all

Watch this!

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