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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Casey Craft Market

Whilst the tree lined driveway make it look cool, it was stinking hot and this unfortunately affected the amount of people visiting the grounds. No one wanted to leave their air conditioned comfort ..and I don't blame them.

It was still a great day, the day of Berwick's second Crafters Market and some visitors managed to suffer the heat and come along to support us.

Lets take a look at a few of the brave stall holders.

No this isnt an unattended tent.
This is how people react to me when they see me coming with the camera because I was editor of the Woodies newsletter for a while.


That's better, now stop mucking around and leave Dennis alone, I mean seriously boys, how old are ya? They never grow up do they?

The rocking horse at the back of the tent is first prize in our yearly raffle and the cheeky bloke at the back, Billy, he runs the Wednesday night Rocking Horse making class. Clever isn't he? The toys are an example of the 400 plus toys the woodies make every Monday to be given to underprivileged kids for Christmas.

Market Stall

" I Do"

Bridal and wedding accessories and I also spot a few scrap booking items. I managed a quick pic before being dragged back into the kitchen but didn't get to have a really good close up. Next time!

Helen from our P.I.Ps crew on Tuesdays whipped up a truck load of goodies.

Helen makes tea towels that hang from handles and also gorgeous hand crafted baby blankets. She embellishes them to enhance the pictures and lines the back with poly fleece for baby comfort. I always look forward to seeing her blankets she is working with on Tuesdays.

"The Quillow Maker"


Even in scorching heat Jeanette's quillows look inviting.

And look, its a nunde farmers market bag.

I am not showing you my stall. It isn't up to the standard I expect yet to show off. Yes, I have seen your stalls girls and I know I have a lot to live up to. So until then this is all you get :)

The next Crafters Market is on the 12th of December.
I will have lots of Christmas bunting and some seasonal totes there as well as my eco range of every day grocery totes and various nunde bags. I am working on refashioning some yatch sails. Its certainly sailing weather!
Thank for stopping by.
Tonight we dine on big Macs to support McDonald's McHappy day which means I don't have to cook.
Stay cool if your a Southern Hemi chick and for the rest of you, please try not to gloat about your awesome weather.


Baino November 15, 2009 at 6:50 AM  

Shame the hot weather kept people away. I went to Newtown festival last week and it sprinkled rain all day but because it was warm the crowds poured in, literally! I wish I could come to your Christmas do!

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