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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trash Talk

Is your pantry like mine the days coming up to payday? Empty of all things deemed yummy by pantry stalkers? Mr nunde has an ongoing joke now because when it gets close to payday and the convenient food is all gone I go all Chef like and cook like I should cook for the entire fortnight. This is when mr nunde expresses his joy at the food he is presented with by saying "Oh, It must be close to payday" and depending on what kind of mood I am in he could be either eating or wearing that plate of delicious food.

We work to a budget you see. I am very strict about it so if the pantry is bare then I have to get creative and I hate waste. I have tried hiding food but they find it and upon discovering food deemed edible by children they must consume it all with in minutes because rationing isn't in their vocabulary. So like most households, the food just doesn't make it the whole term it was budgeted for unless you apply a lock to the pantry and that might not work either because my teenagers know where the Bolt cutters are.

These are the ingredients I used. Some are modified for 2 reasons a) short supply of said ingredient. b) some old recipes are heavy handed with sugar and butter and this has been reduced where possible because it is better for me and my kids. The taste is just as great I assure you.

Scrounged from the depths of the pantry
2 expensive cereal packets with a bowls worth of product left in each but no one will touch them because it seems in our house you might die if you ever ate the last thing left in any packet.

2 Apples that will never be eaten because mother nature allowed a blemish and in our house, clearly you can die if you eat apples with blemishes.

remnants of choc buds for cooking, yes, even the choc buds can kill you if they are the last few in a packet. 3 rejected packets were found on this occasion.

A packet of frosting - no idea where that came from, I hate frosting.

cream - I cant even remember what I bought that for and I have lost my fortnightly menu (yes, I write a menu, I am Virgo OK and apparently I am supposed to do things like that) I also list it and my fortnightly ingredients on a spreadsheet with cost of said ingredients are stored and totalled. Are you rolling your eyes yet?)
Spring onions roots?

Click on pictures for recipes

Modified chocky rock (delicious and healthy)

The Homestead Scones - sorry, that recipe is a secret.

The mess

If you buy Spring Onions from the grocer like I do, don't throw the ends out. Plant them! They are awesome and will just keep producing. Great experiment for kids if you cant be bothered.

So there you have it. I have saved money, used up scraps to reduce landfill/compost and provided fresh cooked food for the family. I can hear my mother now...literally because she just said it yesterday,"Melanie, you know you are becoming just like me" to which I argued "I am not, stop saying that" but really I knew I was........ On ya mum!


Linda Lilly Cottage May 5, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

Oh my goodness that is so the story of my house! We are down to the absolute basics, no we might have even run out of some of them, so I have to be very inverntive until tomorrow. I resorted to making packet mufffin mix yesterday for 8 guests who arrived out of no where and they loved it and I thought it was the most vile thing I had ever tasted, recipe books are now out for planning!
Kiss Noises Linda

Baino May 6, 2009 at 6:59 AM  

I am so relieved that someone else has the pre-payday blues! It's amazing what you can produce with the morsels left in the back of the pantry or fridge. I'm not much of a 'baker' but do manage some 'interesting' dinners with leftovers. Never thought of planting shallots. Must give that one a go! Very frugal of you Mel! I hate throwing food away.

Melanie May 6, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

Linda - i dont know what I will do if guests arrive today because I have even exhausted the scrap resources lol. payday tomorrow thank goodness.

Baino - oh i think I should clarify, I loath cooking with a passion. Thats why my mum and husband are ribbing me and why it is amazing when i do cook like this AND the food i make is edible lol

Robin May 6, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

Those scones look absolutely delicious!

My Grandmother was a queen with leftover 'new' dishes. I wish I could have cooked with her more to get some of her knowledge! I try to do this when we too are low on the great food stuffs, but I am still learning, and only half of the time the food turn out tasty!

Lisa May 7, 2009 at 3:56 AM  

I am laughing so hard, your household sounds like mine...especailly with the apple blemish. You have inspired me to cook corn muffins today....payday is Friday.

Thanks for the ETSY encouragement btw! You're the best.

Ribbon May 8, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Wow Melanie you are amazing!!
Awesome food whipped up for someone who doesn't want to cook.

You can come and live with us... you would be much loved pre pay day.

best wishes Ribbon

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