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Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Dear! I went and made myself sick

I tried and tested some old recipes given to me to modernise them for the weight conscious like me in the hope to share them with you. Now that's all great and heroic of me I know(insert praise here) but the one thing that one must not do when one attempts heroics is forget you are intolerant to just about every food on the planet .....so please don't try EVERYTHING THREE TIMES...

So I feel a little bit sick and in pain, but it was worth it because every single recipe worked out and now I have something to blog about tomorrow because the topic is "Waste not want not".
I may rename it to "Not Baking, Bloating" or some other witty title. At least my children have spectacular food to take to school so I have raised my faction as a good mother and that is what it is all about right?. I am in for a rough night. Bring back the days when I would wake up 3 times a night to munch on freddo frogs while I was half asleep and suffered no consequences........or did I?
Ta Ta for now!



Baino May 5, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

Oh poor you. My problem is that I am tolerant of everything. Fighting weight is a constant battle! Hope you're feeling better and look forward to the recipes. Although I can even stuff up banana muffins! True, I have a tupperware container full of banana flavoured bricks in the pantry! More your 'savoury' chef!

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