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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trashy Talk

Yes, it is Trash talk Tuesday again and I cant wait to share what
Crafty Daisy is doing with trash. Just brilliant. Check these bags out.
More great work

Trash bags.com.au and for other green ideas
Great Green Goods
More links to tingle your enviromentally aware bone

Green on a budget: A sampler of sustainable products

Busting the plastic bag recycling myth

Events raise awareness about the harm of plastic bags

One question I want to ask, should you even be this far into my blatant enviro naggin blog, is this.

Do you really need that one plastic bag to carry that tiny item home from Coles or any other huge Grocery store? I see people still opt to say YES when asked "would you like a bag for that Sir?"

For one bloody item.........

Shame on you who do that.


Watch this!

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