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Monday, November 17, 2008

Coffee and a chat...

Hi there. Just dropping in for a quick coffee and a chat. Well that's what a blog really is isnt it, a chat of sorts? I am making drawer freshers at the moment and I keep forgetting to make me some. Do you ever do that? Totally forget that you would really really love it if someone made you one of these things you are making for some one else......
I thought I would try a cupcake shape one since I am cupcake obsessive at the moment. I am starting to resemble a cupcake actually and at 3pm I have TOLD myself that I have to get on the treadmill. GASP, the treadmill isnt an ornament?

I'm not sure what scent I will put in these. The colours make me think Melon or some kind of fruit. Something nice that wont give me a headache. Don't you find some scents are so cheap that you are left with a migraine? Don't worry, I can't have those kinds near me so I have to use good quality fragrant ones or pure oil essence. Preferably pure oil.
I'm on a bit of a "get fit" campaign at the moment. Not just on the outside but the inside. Hence the treadmill. (my inside voice just moaned in objection at the mere mention of the treadmill"
Ill be honest though right, I got on it at 1pm but lasted 10 minutes because of boredom, wanting to lay down and sleep and just not enough will to live if I have to use the darn thing, ever.
OK well I better run ( not literally because if I did I might cark it" and carry on my my list of things I have to do today.
Have a good evening
Ta ta


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