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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A door closes. Another one opens.

The Narre Warren Community Craft shop is closing its doors after 21 years.
This is where you would have found me over the last 2 or so years on a Thursday. Knitting, laughing, chatting about what we were making, what charity we were helping next and drinking lots of tea and coffee. We were all volunteers, from all walks of life who valued the community spirit. There just wasn't enough interest in local craft to keep it open in this area so the hard decision was made. The shop had to close.

Now I am completely free of any volunteer duties. Last year I gave up the Newsletter and hand balled it to the lovely Elsie and I stopped making toys for the local kids and I ceased helping out with the local centres admin.( I only lasted a month due to complete utter boredom but hey, volunteers need stimulation too and not the office politics kind. If I am going to have all that garbage then I want to be paid for it :P)
All of the above things I chose to start and I chose to finish except for the craft shop. Like the blog post says though. One door closes and another one opens. I do believe one is opening already. Better things ahead!!


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