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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trash Talk Tuesday

Tuesdays are now my days to report what people do with trash and trash ideas.
Refashioning, recycling and reusing are the new black and I hope it is here to stay.
If you are a consumer with a conscience then you might find some interesting stuff on my new Tuesday addition. I wont be doing much writing, just providing you with stuff that I found worthy of noting.
Brilliant Bags
Eco-chic a matter of choice
Wearing rubbish has never been such a great idea!
'Green' designer uses recyclable materials in fashion
How to make bag out of wrappers
Green gifts
'Gifts of Green' at Winter 2009 Edition of California Gift Show(R)
An Interesting comparison for school mums regarding the debate between using foil or plastic is here - I found the aluminium difficult to clean after use which then deems it un recyclable so I am sticking with lunch paper for now. It goes straight into my compost, yucky half eaten lunches and all.
I hope these links provide you with some useful information or inspiration.


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