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Monday, March 31, 2008

Working as intended

It's messy already but it is so very functional. It is all working as intended and I couldnt be happier. I have already stuck another table in behind this desk and its ready to use but covered in tools, clamps and not so froofy things that aren't aesthetically pleasing. I now have a separate sewing/sketching, more delicate work area and behind is my more hands on area and the other half of my shed is so empty except for the tread mill. I'm thinking a TV and a double bed would fit and I could just move in......peace and quite mmmmm

Any of you clever bunnies out there know where to buy typewriter ribbon?
speaking of writing/typing
I am off to read myself to sleep. I am on the second book in the Malazan Series by Steven Erikson. I love the start of a long series and since George RR Martin is too slack and far too LAZY to finish his last books of his series I have started another series in protest and may not preorder his book even if he does manage to finish it. (I am bluffing of course). I will be fighting my husband to read it. We wait for these books to finally come, sometimes they take years(like with G.R.R Martin) and it only takes us a few hours to read them and then we are left grieving that yet another book is over.
I love reading.
Goodnight and take care!


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