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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finished Cradle and blanket

I made this from scratch. Well that's no big deal , I have made about 50 cradles from scratch but I FINISHED this one!!!

I tried to find a paint similar to Milk paint used in the US to no avail. What I found was ridiculously expensive and would have made the cradle too costly. I used Dulux albino to get that nice chalky milky color yet with a smooth feel.

The bedding was fun to make. Gorgeous vibrant gingham patch cotton backed with soft, lush poly fleece and all blanket stitched.

A pillow for precious baby dolls' head

and a mattress, because baby dolls love comfort too

The finish is all hand done complete with hand painted gingham hearts on each end. The cradle is made from all new wood scraps that would have been landfill.

And finally I have found my new labels. Iron on transfers by Avery. I have tried them on various fabric, washed and ironed it according to normal washing methods and I am happy. It is so diverse which suits my 5 second fish focus so I can change how I use it with ease every time I change my mind.....on average every 5 seconds.

Unused CD cases. brilliant for storing my new labels Yay!!
Non crafting/ woodworking and totally unrelated to creating nunde
Yes yes, clearly the Easter Bunny has been watching The Biggest Loser(AU) and decided to make it a theme.
Instructions were placed by the Easter Bunny on the mantle which read " In these eggs contain instructions for The Biggest Easter Egg Hunt begins as soon as all Egg Hunters are awake"
We managed to get the teenagers awake by 9am before the 7 year old went postal on them.
4 plastic eggs containing the instructions


Ears on, plastic bags in hand.

And the winner is
Hope you and your family, where ever you are and whatever you do for this time of year, have a safe and happy time.


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