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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crafting with a crappy back!

2 days ago my back went into spasm as it did the time before that whilst MAKING the bed. See!!! Housework is bad for your health. This morning I went to load the front loader washing machine and my back went berserk and I was stuck in a loading position making a series of weird "ahhh ahhh ouch , oh , ahhhh" which brought the kids running and only then did they FINALLY offer to do the washing at my most embarrassing moment. Enough about that though. My challenge for myself, which every one trying to work at home must face, is how do I function and work still. Well, I have to adjust until my back settles. That's what would happen if I was employed. I'm not the type to take sick days, I only take them when I am well, like most Aussies lol. Nah, I think I have only had a few sickies in my life and one I needed a blood transfusion so I kinda think I was justified. As a wanna be self employed stay at home mum I will adjust and do what I can. Even if it means boring cleaning in my shed of all things at hip level. No bending or twisting. Lets see what I can do. Its better than sitting around whining about it eh? And there's no way I'm going to bugger it up any more because I will have to take a sickie from the craft shop tomorrow if I do and NO WAY am I going to do that!!!! Here Goes!


Anonymous,  March 6, 2008 at 4:08 AM  

acckkkk I hope you are feeling better. Housework is VERY very bad for us!

I tagged you w/ a meme thing on my blog--hope you can play :D


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