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Friday, March 28, 2008

Shed Make over

I live in my shed. I am a messy, grubby person that tinkers with all things grotty and had no problem trying to start my business in a 5.8mx3.5m timber shed. It was built as a studio but it always looked sheddish and I treated it as such UNTIL
I saw everyone elses work areas. There's a whole blog devoted to unbelievably gorgeous workspaces and I found myself coveting these areas and finding myself falling out of love with my sheddish chaos. The space I once loved now became a source of "dontwannaworkinthatyuckyspace-ness".
What could I do? I had no money. I am too busy reading blogs about really cool spaces people have where THEY work and make money in.
So I did what any other self respecting covet er of nicer work areas would do. Ripped everything off of one wall, carted loads of stuff out, pinched plaster(drywall) that was meant for another shed(yes I collect sheds) and I made myself a brand new nice area. This wall is almost 10 foot long which I thought was a perfect place to make a new desk.

I fitted the plaster and I got to use some of the timber cupboard doors I acquired, the fit was perfect.

The next day.
After the wall was puttied and painted and dried overnight I hung the prepainted shelves.
Pasted a strip of metallic paper on the top of the wood that would show for easy cleaning.

Then loaded jars full of stuff on my 2.5 metre long shelves because you can never have enough shelves. As usual I cut a crooked line and the hole was so big the putty fell through. I later fixed that.

I then added a lamp, some fairy lights and the 7foot long Tasmanian oak table I made from my mums kitchen left offs when she got her new kitchen(which was featured in a kitchen magazine)
And now I have one wall plastered and shelved. The only thing I have to buy was the shelving.

I am so tired and sore that I cannot move a muscle. My work area may not be as glamorous as the many I have drooled over but it no longer screams of shed and all things sheddy. I will be working on the larger walls when materials become available and I have already found my new lino I will lay.
One wall at a time!


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