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Monday, March 24, 2008

Things that make me go mmmmm!

I collect chickens. Seeing collections that are all of one thing make me go mmmm on the inside and OOOOOOOh out loud

I am painting the family room(have been for 4 years) so my many many chook pics and ornaments are in storage

My love of chickens came from when I worked as an AI'er working on a chook farm contracted to a serum laboratory who made flu vaccine. At the end of their 6 months theyre done with and sold off for soup. I escaped with 6 of them in the boot of my car. I would have taken the other 29994 but I had a small car boot.
Some of my chook's found here or in the UK are worth a dollar, some handmade or hand painted by people I know and some are made from fine china and worth a small fortune but they re all loved equally and they all honor the hard working chickens that sustain us in many aspects of our lives, many we are unaware of.
I am working on a related project that I seem to be forever afraid of starting for fear I will confirm my belief that when I get really arty farty I show signs of having zero talent. Wont know if I don't try. I have a sketch of a chicken that I want to put on canvas as a mixed media piece. Well I blogged it so I better make it so.


Jenaveve April 6, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

Thanks for stopping by August Street recently - gave me the chance to visit your blog. And funny you should say that about not starting something for the fear of it turning out really crappy basically (or believing we are not as creative as we think we are ... which is usually total nonsense anyway!) - that's the killer for never starting anything. Hope you go for it! Bring that chicken alive on canvas.

And I have seen something in my travels that may interest you, or give you some inspiration - it was a similar thing with the chookyard and a lovely little chicken painted, and then stuck on to the bottom part of the canvas was some chicken wire. Gave it a 3D feel and looked brilliant.

Watch this!

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