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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Craft Shop stuff

I just love Thursdays. Lots of laughs, coffee, cake and craft and a little bit of work. No really we do work. L wrote out lots of tags, P did lots of data entry and stuff and I watched. JS finally finished her long awaited kids teepee cubbies and theyre fantastic. She received orders the minute she brought in the display and Im not surprised. Its so roomy inside. If only it was sound proof and had a lock on the door. I would get one and lock myself in it to get some peace and quiet.

A lady bought one of my cupcakes and then gave me lots of compliments so I was totally chuffed. Must finish off the rest because people are waiting on them.
P is letting me attempt to make her an anchor for one of her crafty projects so I now have a chance to make her something in return for her lovely embroidery (I hope I don't let her down, pressures on)

Joyce returned from her "share and care" class and told us stories of an elderly man that visited and told of his mother who kept winning an apple pie competition for her exquisite and unique pattern on her pie crust. Turns out she used her false teeth to create the effect. Joyce, who is 83 and a wag of a girl is making Apple pies for sweets next weeks class and she was giggling deviously on the way home because she plans to adorn them with fake false teeth.

Was such a fab day!

Now I am off to finish doing my first tutorial. Going to start off easy.

Hope your Thursday is great!


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