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Monday, March 31, 2008

Autumn Knits for Work

As mentioned previously, I work in a shed. Until now it had no lining but now I have one wall plastered at least. It will still be freezing though so I think it mandatory that I knit more work scarves to go with my "working in the shed" clothes. Hows this for a lucky find at Spotlight. It almost matches perfectly. Yep, even messy, grubby people like me like to have some kind of fashion sense. Or fashion nonsense, not sure which but at least I kinda sorta match. I think this lovely cotton would make fab socks too. Yippee. You wont miss me if you visit me out the back, I will be the big bright luminous pink and orange stripey chick.

Happy Autumn to us on the Southern side of the planet and Happy Spring to all the Northerners.


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